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Nicole (Imajin)

Member originating from Massachusetts. That most unusual of things, an American monarchist, though she is against a large United States of America. Formerly went by Imajin, and acquired most of her supposed notoriety on the forum under that name.

She was associated with both Discussion and Off-topic, and was a frequent contributor to the Map Thread. She was also an avid player of Mosaic Earth. As of late, however, she's become very inactive, only occasionally stopping by to comment on a random thread and then disappear.

Imajin vanished from on Boxing Day 2007 without explanation and we currently fear the worst - she may have got a life. However, she returned in September 2008 - and there was much rejoicing. (Seriously, me get a life? Hahahaha… - Imajin) However, she then tried to get a life again, and may have been more successful this time…

Claims to Fame

Name trivia

The name Imajin originated from the Japanese-only Famicom Disk System game “Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic”, where Imajin was the first selectable character. The name Nicole is just her name.

At one point, Thande accused her and Hermanubis of being the same person.

Noted Works

Causes Championed

  • Austria-Hungary
  • Andorra
  • Karelia
  • Deseret
  • New England
  • Monarchies in general
  • Non-Imperialist United States

Imajin's Legendary Monitor

Imajin's elderly monitor has provoked much hilarity. It tends to make any dark shades of colour on a map look the same, the result of which being that Imajin reacts to other people's maps with “Whaaaat?!! Brazilian Iran?!! Or is it Iranian Brazil?!!” Ironically, these outbursts have sometimes led to AH Challenges.

The phrase 'Imajin's Monitor' has been parodied to imply that she possesses a pet lizard or an American Civil War ironclad.

Alas, this monitor is no longer in existence, as Imajin has entered the 14th century and gotten a laptop, and even another laptop after that. Despite her best effort, however, the term lives on.

Appearances in Fiction

Imajin notoriously fails to appear in The Series, though he (sic) recently made his debut as a denizen of the Hub. Another version of Imajin appeared in the episode “TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU”, appropriately enough, as the Captain of the USS Monitor. Yet another recurring version of Imajin appeared as part of the crew of the Mercator. Despite this, he still notoriously fails to appear in the Series.

Imajin was Hermanubis' twin brother in Luaky Commer (in the Fred and George Weasley roles), and the first captain of the Imperial Thread Destroyer Flamewar in Wars.

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