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Penelope, formerly known as Odysseus and Scifiguy, is member of from Virginia who joined in July 2009. In October of 2015, Penelope came out as transgender, and subsequently adopted her current username.

Much of Penelope's fame comes from her participation in Shared Worlds games. She founded a few early map games, such as “One Century” and “Age of Empires”, and participated in many role-playing-games. In September of 2009, she created and moderated the US Presidential Election Game. This was one of the earliest political role-playing-games (PRPGs) in Shared Worlds. She has also participated in several collaborative timelines.

A survivor of the 2011 earthquake that struck Mineral, Virginia.

In Politics

Penelope was never involved in the original government, having only been a member for a few months when it was ended by Ian.

However, she was involved in Sandbox Politics, and was once the Socialist Dreamer Party's Chancellor candidate. Penelope eventually withdrew her candidacy, and during the Sandbox Crisis of 2010, left the Socialist Dreamer Party to become an independent. She was no longer an active participate in the game by the time of the Republic's dissolution.

In Fiction

Odysseus (then Scifiguy) was known to be featured in a AH.Com The Series Episode, and in an episode of the short lived “Creepy Teen Years” series.

AH.Com:The Series - "Pasha's Pilots" - Episode 5x11

The Creepy Teen Years - "A Black Christmas - Episode 1x6

Current Activities

Penelope currently spends most of her time moderating the long-form historical map game, "Tilted History", a map game spanning the course of human history on Chris Wayan's Jaredia.

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