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Points of Divergence : Japan

Points of divergence concerning alternate historical developments within the modern day territory of Japan.

Japan is an island country in northeast Asia, wellknown for its many contributions to international culture, namely ninjas, samurai, karate, and sushi. Besides Japan's current proficiency for everything technological, AH.commers also adore Japan for its awesome history. After being ruled for centuries by petty kings and warlords, the nation unites, invades all of its neighbors, loses, and isolates from the world only to be reawakened another couple of centuries later, where it almost repeats the process. Because of Japans great and influential history, it is featured in many AHs and is constantly studied by alternate historians.

Prehistory (until roughly 400/300 BC)

Pre-Korean Invasions (400/300 BC - 1598 AD)

Korean Invasions and the Era of Isolation (1592-1854)

From the Meiji era to the Invasion of China (1854/1867-1937)

Invasion of China and WWII (1937-1945)

After WWII (1945-present)


ASB / ISOT / Geological

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