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Points of Divergence : Pulling A Meiji

“Pulling a Meiji” is an AH fan term that refers to when a country (usually a non-western Asian or African one) undergoes a process similar to the Meiji Period of OTL, in which it industrializes and modernizes rapidly, to the point where it becomes a (usually) Westernized and European-style power (as was the case with OTL Japan).


It is sometimes considered a cliche to have a nation “pull a Meiji”, particularly when it involves radical cultural and society upheavals undertaken without an apparent explanation. While this type of POD can serve as a useful means of allowing a particular nation to close the technological gap with early modern and industrial Europe, it is sometimes difficult to actually apply. Japan's modernization was possible due to a number of very specific, complex and arguably unique conditions that were present there at the time of the Meiji restoration.


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