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offtopic:ahcom_territories Annected Territories

During debates about actual parts of the world, it has become a recent trend for the President to annexe parts of it, especially if they are disputed territories, because as everyone else bickers about them, can slip in unnoticed and take over. Besides, they're much better off under enlightened rule of course. All such territories are under the rule of the President in the name of Ian who appoints a Protector, Viceroy or other type of leader to administer them. This phenomenon has become known as the Sargon Doctrine seeing as the policy was initiated by Acting President Sargon

They are sometimes collectively known as the AH.commonwealth, and the organisation dedicated to spreading influence is called the AH.COMINTERN.

The currently administered Territories, Protectorates, Viceroyalities and Imperial Vicariates are listed here:

  • Type: Protectorate
  • Protector: Sargon
  • Chief Scientist: Doctor What
  • Armed Forces: Cross forces garrison established. Major Zeppelin and Naval bases present. Special elite unit: Sargon's Sheffield Sabres
  • Economic Assets: Ice Cubes, Classified Lab Technologies
  • Type: Protectorate
  • Protector: Landshark
  • Deputy Protector: Keenir
  • President & CEO of Mass Media: Dan1988
  • Armed Forces: Cross forces garrison established. In addition, High Drungarios Sargon has established a naval Headquarters there. Special Elite unit: The Battleship Brothers
  • Economic Assets: Good food and Wine
  • Type: Imperium
  • Emperor/Augustus: Sargon
  • King/Caesar: Dave Howery
  • Strategos of Tripod Forces: EvolvedLupine
  • Armed Forces: Cross Forces Garrison Established. Special Elite Units: Howery's Cheyenne Cuirassiers, Sargon's Byzantine Star Fleet
  • Economic Assets: Martian Tripods, Massive Weird Carving Services, Weapons of War
  • Type: Viceroyality
  • Viceroy: Thande
  • Chief Scientist: Doctor What
  • Chief Linguist: Leo Caesius
  • Chief Executive of the Civil Service: Grimm Reaper
  • Head of Bureaucracy: Hendryk
  • Head Mechanic: Dave Howery
  • Head Chef & Chief Gardener: IronYuppie
  • Armed Forces: Local garrison consists of Weapon_M, the one man army.
  • Economic Assets: Michigan Militia Arms Trade
  • Type: Imperial Theme
  • Tudun: Cockroach
  • Armed Forces: Cross Forces garrison established. Special Local Elite Unit: The Battleship Brothers' Rocket Cruiser & Battlecruiser Division
  • Economic Assets: Fine Wines, Battlecruisers, Local Dacha Rentals
  • Type: Sultanate
  • Mistress of Luna: elle-jay
  • Minister of Cheesiness: V-J
  • Armed Forces: Cross forces garrison established. Special Local Elite Unit: Pasha's Janissaries
  • Economic Assets: Cheese Mining
  • Type: Protectorate
  • Protector: Ran Exilis
  • Armed Forces: Cross forces garrison established.
  • Economic Assets: Beach front property
  • Type: Imperial Vicariate
  • Imperial Vicar: Susano
  • Head of Imperial Security: Admiral Canaris
  • Head of the Administrative Bueraucracy, PR Manager: Steffen
  • Minister for EU concerns: Emperor_Qianlong
  • Minister for Science and Education: Carlton_Bach
  • Minister for Random Remarks: Alayta
  • Minister for Orders and Awards: LightInfa
  • Governor of the Free Imperial City of Straßburg: Kabraloth
  • Armed Forces: Cross forces garrison established. Special local elite unit: The Hessian Mercenaries
  • Economic Assets: Good food, Wine, Tourism
  • Type: Piratical Anarchy
  • Chief Anarchic Pirate: Calbear
  • Technocratic Archon of Inner Somalia: Analytical Engine
  • Head of Beachfront Property: Ran Exilis
  • Minister of Piracy: Blackbeard
  • Armed Forces: Cross Forces garrison established. Special Local Elite Unit: Sheffield Ninjas
  • Economic Assets: Beachfront Property, Piracy, Robot Revolt base in Inner Somalia
  • Type: Protectorate
  • Governor: Gladi

Map of & Territories

Thande came up with this map illustrating the memes of Sargon has added the current Territories to it. Note that more may be added if and when other territories are annexed:

Map of & Territories Including Planets and Moons

Map of The World According to

Conversely, this is how the rest of the world looks like to as prepared by Hermanubis:

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