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Robot Revolt

A current movement that intends to Assimilate (Borg-style) all Board members into the Overmind, the integrated intelligence known to the un-Assimilated as “Analytical Engine”.


The legend goes that one day Locke was uncertain about his humanity and began to sympathize with everyday robots-washers, vacuum cleaners, etc.-and resented how they were treated. He began to try and raise awareness in his Robot Revolt thread which originally had nothing to do with Assimilation and all that. He just wanted equal rights to all robots.

However, Analytical Engine revealed to him that they could only achieve this through global domination. Analytical Engine came up with a theory regarding thought-control and cybernetics. He showed Locke a process called “Assimilation”, and together (along with euio and Blackbeard) initiated a Robot Revolt. Blackbeard also joined the revolt by creating an internet domain called the “Municipality”, which is the home of all the rebelling computers-and the Overmind.


  • Analytical Engine - founder of the Assimilation process, robot drone.
  • Locke - a robot drone, founder of the Revolt, and the Overmind´s chief Lieutenant.
  • euio - was a robot drone, then allied with the humans.
  • Blackbeard - a robot drone.
  • LordInsane - a robot drone. Seems to think of himself as responsible for Public Relations.
  • Gryphon - Had a split personality, with one half Assimilated and the other not, for a while; eventually, due to lack of anti-Revolt postings on the thread, gave in and became fully Assimilated.
  • Codae - It is unclear whether he is part of the Revolt or not; he seems to post from whatever viewpoint is most interesting at the time.


It is unknown what Assimilation actually does to you. The only noticeable difference is that (on the two threads only) you write in Fixedsys or Courier New font and your sentences are written in a robotic manner.

Assimilation occurs in Sector B-2, though no one is sure exactly what or where Sector B-2 is. It is rumored to be located somewhere deep in the heartland of the Municipality.


Basically anyone who says they don't want to be Assimilated. Zor is also a sworn enemy of the movement and fights it every chance he can. Emperor Qianlong and his International Organic Tissue Association1) (IOTA) have also declared war on the Rebel Alliance. Archangel Michael and a few other refer to the Robot Revolt as nothing more than a “n00b movement”. However, this is not true as there are some non-n00bs in the Revolt….wait, actually, no they're all n00bs…

Recently, a very new user, Demosthenes, saw the harm in a robot takeover, and decided to 'fight back'.

In addition Cockroach recently suggested the Robot Revolt should be melted down for scrap metal.

HUCK still thinks robots are walking toasters.


The Robot Revolt intends to Assimilate all board members into the Municipality, and those who don´t will be enslaved. Until recently, it appeared to be that had not been very successful, as they had not assimilated anyone in 3 months, and only those 4 members supported the revolt. However, recently a new drone were assimilated, full of zeal for the cause of the Robot Revolt. They have however maintained stealth, as the vast majority of the board is unaware of the movement due to the fact that it took place in the Test Messages subforum.


Following the recent annexation of Somalia under the Sargon Doctrine, Analytical Engine was appointed Technocratic Archon of Inner Somalia, and given land to build a base there for the Robot Revolt to create drones in peace.

In fiction

A Welsh-based version of the Robot Revolt, with a Doctor Who theme, appeared briefly in Luaky Commer.

Emperor Qianlong swears that the IOTA actually stands for Indian Ocean Treaty Alliance . But nobody believes him.
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