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Sargon Doctrine

This is the policy created by Acting President Sargon to settle international arguments over disputed territories by simply denying the place to the silly fellows and performing annexation of the areas concerned in the name of It was motivated by debates over such areas becoming very heated in the Chat section, and with Sargon trying to bring some levity to them in order to calm things down and help people get on with each other again.

Such areas of course benefit from the enlightened rule of and under the guidance of administrators appointed by the President. A current list of Territories is available for reference and for everyone to keep track of as it's starting to become damn difficult to remember where exactly has been annexed. At the moment there are 4 Protectorates, 1 Viceroyality, 1 Imperial Vicariate, 1 Imperial Theme and 1 Piratical Anarchy with appropriate titles assigned to the leaders of each.

The policy was first named as the Sargon Doctrine by Susano, and was adopted as being more than appropriate to describe such shennanigans.

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