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Hailing from Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, migrated, like countless Yoopers before him, down to the state's Lower Peninsula for his education and has remained, now residing in Kalamazoo.

About the name

Hermanubis was originally called Super55. He eventually changed his name after becoming amused at the idea of the Egyptian god Hermanubis. Since then, it has become a catchphrase of many members (especially Landshark) to retort to anything that Hermanubis does with “Super55 would have done that better!” This later developed into Super55 becoming the version of Chuck Norris. Role

Hermanubis is best known for defending Michigan to an almost nationalistic level, and his work with medieval maps and Europa Universalis II (at which he admits being an endemic cheater). His idiosyncrasies include using a line of @ signs to indicate a joke-falling-flat pause.

At one point Thande held a conspiracy-theory belief that Hermanubis and Imajin were the same person.

Hermanubis is also directly responsible for Midgard's ATL Dark Ages Map TL and the unfinished sequel by Midgard and G.Bone by creating an alternate history map challenge that prompted the timeline in first place. He also started a role playing game Hermanubis Vows Revenge For Toledo War.

He is also a central (yet unwilling) prophet in the Board Religion of Thandislam. The religion itself proclaims “There is no one to blame but Thande, and Hermanubis blamed him first.”



AH.Com: The Series

A character based on his Super55 persona was abducted by the crew and forced to reveal the hiding place of the notorious rogue geneticist DarkSlavik. Ward then had him spaced. As it was Super55, he survived and later saved the AH.commers in an early episode of Series 3.

However, there is a Hermanubis who lives in the Hub. Unsurprisingly (given that the episode in question was written by Thande) he is friends with Imajin. He's also first officer to Imajin's captain in the episode “TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU”, in which Imajin commands the USS Monitor.

Yet another version of Hermanubis was found by an AH.COM crew outside the ruins of Sault Ste. Marie in “Land of the Supermodels”, and this one was soon eaten by a horde of cannibalistic Alyson Hannigan clones created by Luakel. Analogously, in another Howery-penned episode set in the city, A Small Problem, another native Hermanubis is seen - de-aged to a child by yet another malevolent luakel clone, like everyone else, and playing at superheroes (specifically, of course, being Super55).

In other fiction

Hermanubis appeared in Luaky Commer as Imajin's twin brother and older brother of Othniel (fulfilling the Fred and George Weasley roles).

He also appeared in the Wedge Antilles role as a Rebel fighter pilot in AH.COM WARS.

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