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Emperor Qianlong

A German member of the board.

After a long while pondering, the Emperor Qianlong himself decided to write a bit about himself here. He is generally most active in the future history and alien space bats scenarios. He has a passion for science fiction (preferably hard science fiction) as well as topics such astronomy, geology and paleontology, and enjoys discussion about these topics. He also has a passion for mapmaking. He also greatly enjoys lighthearted humor, in particular in regard for alternate history cliches.

The Emperor is further noted for showing an Aspergerian obsession for a small number of topics, such as the Warhammer 40k thread in the non-political chat section, and whatever obscure topics may show up that spark his interest. Against all odds in the forum, the Emperor firmly believes into logic and reason, which occasionally brings him into troubles, particularly in the ASB section.

Emperor Qianlong - despite the Chinese name (obscure reference) - hails from Germany. Unlike most of his Germans countrymen, he's mostly disinterested in political debates. If he does join them, he usually tend to disagree with all of them in one way or the other.

In early 2008, the Emperor tried to briefly escape the forums by declaring a hiatus, but miserably failed. You cannot run from

His berserk button is people positing the idea that we are about to descend into an ice age. He may have been run over by a mastodon early in life. In any case, popular wisdom now states that if the world ever were to enter an ice age, the heat produced by EQ's fury alone would be enough to immediately lift it out again.


He had once began work on producing a remarkable project based on mapping the Roman world.


  • “Dude, Epic Fail!” - on someone posting right-wing FH fantasy about Europe's demographics crashing

In Fiction

Appeared in Wars as an officer of the World Trade Organisation.

After appearing as a member of the anti-Wikipedian Resistance in CITATION NEEDED, became a recurring character in the The Series as part of The Germans.

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