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Like many of the historical states we spend our time thinking about, had an elected assembly with no real power. This was first instituted in 2006. There was also an Cabinet. Together these made up His Administratorness' Government of the Imperial Republic of, and attempted to rule in the name of Ian the Admin through the office of the President of During the 2009 parliamentary session, Parliament was disbanded, but politics had a spiritual successor in the Sandbox Republic. Furthermore, according to a poll in April 2012, the plurality of members would want to see the original parliament back. Tony used this result as the basis for creating the Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds on January 2013. This fell into disuse, but another poll on December 2013 suggested that more people than not wanted to see it make a comeback.

Elements and Officers of the Government

President of - The highest elected office in His Administratorness' Government. Presumably ended with Ian's actions during the Crisis of 2009.

Vice President of - A newer post created by Sargon during his Acting Presidency.

Empress of - Empress Sai was acclaimed as Her Imperial Majesty Grand Empress, Augusta and Basilissa Sai of the Imperial Republic of, and recognized in her ceremonial role as Monarch of This role in the political area, presumably, ended with the dissolution of the Government in 2009, but continues in Board culture. Cabinet - A body appointed by the President consisting of Ministers, each a member of an executive department.

Parliament of - The elected bicameral legislature of The Parliament of has been shut down and no longer operates. Parliamentary officers included the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Lower House Opposition Leader, and Speaker of the Landsraad. The Houses and Members of Parliament were protected by the Imperial Guard.

Imperial Bank of - The central bank of, established with the signing of the Banking and Finances Act by President Sargon on January 27, 2009. Territories - A number of Territories were annexed to the Imperial Republic by Presidential decree. One of these, Alsace-Lorraine, had a functioning government in the Vicariate Estates, while a second, Lesser Latvia and Lesser Lithuania, was in the process of organizing its government. Since the government was shut down, these territories have been defunct.

Electoral Officer of and the Special Election Leader for the Landsraad - The individuals responsible for organizing elections, posting polls, and officially tallying the results. Traditionally, the position of the Electoral Officer was held by Douglas, who served as Prime Minister August 17, 2007 to August 26, 2008 and September 9, 2008 to February 18, 2009. Pkmatrix was appointed Electoral Officer on March 4, 2009, and at the same time appointed as first Special Election Leader, a new role created for overseeing the Landsraad Elections.

His Administratorness, Ian - The Administrator, Chief Judiciary and Head of State of Ian has final say over all matters civil and criminal, with the power of universal veto, kicking, and banning. He, with the assistance of the Moderators, comprises the entirety of the Judicial branch of Ian has served as Administrator since August 30, 2000.


The Presidential and Parliamentary polls are traditionally public and NOT private votes. They are organized and considered legitimate if posted by's resident Electoral Officer. General Elections, 2006 General Elections, 2007 General Elections, 2008

Landsraad Special Elections, 2009

Alsace-Lorraine Vicariate Estates Election, 2009 General Elections, 2009


Referenda may be called from time to time by the government on certain issues. The referenda called thus far are: Referendum 1


While Parliament is in session, MPs propose and debate pieces of legislation of various importance to as a whole. Few are ever actually passed.

2006 - 2007 Legislation

2007 - 2008 Legislation

2008 - 2009 Legislation

2009 - 2010 Legislation

Political Parties

Politically active members of have organized themselves into political parties based upon common ideologies or philosophies. Since the government was shut down, the political parties no longer operate.

Ruling Parties

Other Parties

Dissolved or Inactive Parties

Political Movements

Throughout the history of Politics, there had been a number of political movements, with varying degree of influence. In some cases, these movements had directly opposed or attempted to outright overthrow His Administratorness' Government.

2006 Coup attempts and Revolutions


Noob Movement


Crisis of 2008 People's Funny Hat Revolution

Movement to recognize Empress Sai

Crisis of 2009 (2009 Political Apocalypse)


Election-based media can be found here.

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