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American member with an eclectic mix of liberal and conservative political views. Considers himself as a Democrat but in the parlance of current politics would be considered a 'Blue Dog Democrat'. One of the regular writers in the Writers' Forum.

Knows stuff about militaries. Has a habit of italicising the names of aircraft. He is also well known for defending the U.S. Navy.

See also: The Cal Controversy

Moderator on AH sub forums including FH.

Waging solo Crusade to rid FH of current political subject threads. Thus far Crusade has been about as effective as Children's Crusade to the Holy Land.

Noted Works


While banning trolls:

“Banned. We divorce you, to Coventry with you…”

Since late summer 2014, he accompanies banning posts with the “CalTangle” picture meme.

Appearances in Fiction

Appears in Doctor What's Snake Oil, as Patrick Michael Drake.

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