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V-J has been a member of the board since late 2007. V-J was born, bred and indeed still currently resides within the North East of England, and has a normal life.

Socially, he is friends with a number of members of the Chat board, but has also earned a few enemies thanks to his acerbic wit, uncompromising debating style and often-brash manner. An incorrigible flirt, he is known to have some history with Lord Roem and, at present at least, he's ever so fond of The Red.


Timelines and Oneshots

Building Jerusalem

John Smith's leadership of the Labour Party, from 1995 onwards. (All new, re-started thread!)

British Politics Mini-TL (Sorry, it never had a real title. Done in the days before TLIADs were really a thing, hence the lack of polish.)

An alternate timeline based on Labour winning in 1970, including Epilogue.

Daddy Cool

An essentially frivolous mini-TL written on the ASB board, charting George H. W. Bush's quest for the presidency against, er, George W. Bush.

Alternate Leaders #1 'We're Alright'

Neil Kinnock's adventures in the beautiful game. Oneshot.

Alternate Leaders #2 'Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar'

Mr Adams has an audience with destiny. Oneshot.

Alternate Leaders #3 'In It Together'

Coalitions are a difficult concept. Oneshot.

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