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Longtime British/Hongkong member since the days of the Old Board. Resides in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, but can often be found living in East Asia too. Has his own set of forums calledSargon's Stronghold. He was also one of the top moderators at the now-defunct sister site, and is part of the Administration team at NavWeaps.

Used to possess one of the longest sigs on the Board (although there was another user with about a 30 line one), though none have pointed out to him that most of it is ||||||||. Has since modified it, and it is much shorter now, but contains just as much somehow. We think he has used some sort of space continuum compression method to do this, but anyway, it still has |||||||| in it if people don't use Japanese/Korean/Chinese fonts.

Also sometimes adds a random TL link to the end of his posts. Named for the first emperor in recorded history, in the city states of the Fertile Crescent. He is also one of The Battleship Brothers.

On the board, he has gathered something of a reputation for organisation, as he both turned the presidency and parliament into a real working body in 2007-8 after the largely dormant term of 2006-7, and also added many items to the Sealion World Tour to enhance it.

Sargon has a number of works posted on the board.



Elegant and refined most of the time, with cravats, handkerchiefs in breast pockets, sometimes wearing a waistcoat, with jacket, long coats (leather or crombie), and wearing a classic hat of some description, in particular Russian style or trilby, or Panama worn with colonial style whites in hotter weather. Likes wearing white, blue or black with imperial purple/royal crimson/ivory coloured accessories. Likes diagonal sashes and decorations. When casual, wears denims and t-shirts, and sometimes baseball caps. Would wear various suits of armour from different cultures and periods if he could lay his hands on them.

Musical Tastes

Classical, R&B, 60s/70s/80s pop and rock, especially Queen, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Dire Straits, orchestral/electronic especially Jean Michel Jarre, John Williams, John Barry, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro etc.


Sargon's religion is unknown, although he has made references to a Church of Sargon and Sargonism a couple of times indicating that he may regard himself as divine. Perhaps in the same way that the insane Roman Emperor Caligula did.

Has been known to sympathise with Doctor What's miraculous return from the dead, and possibly shares the view that Ian is the default deity of the board. Was also dead for a while himself, but returned to tell the tale after resuscitation attempts finally succeeded.

Stood in for God when He got fed up of all the religious debates in the Chat section and decided to take a vacation. As God, Sargon ended up saying “Bless you my <insert name here>” rather a lot as he felt forgiveness was the way to go and didn't want God to think he wasn't doing anything useful and end up with a bolt of lightening up his arse.

Political Ideology

Doesn't have any political ideology if we're talking proper politics. Known to generally mistrust politicians and wants to kick them into the local canal. Might support the Monster Raving Loony Party and other joke parties if they actually stood somewhere where he could vote for them. Sometimes a monarchist, but sometimes a republican in contrast. Depends how bad his day has been. Societies

In an effort to further promote the more serious and sober side of Asia on the Board, Sargon recently founded the Royal and Imperial Society for the Appreciation of Asian Culture & History or RISAACH for short. He is the President of the Society with Hendryk as one of the Vice-Presidents. Membership sign-ups were rapid and it is hoped the Society will complement other Board Societies in offering the denizens of the Board a nice Clubhouse where they can escape the Otaku hordes.

He is also a member of at least one other Board Society, but he forgets which at this time. If anyone can find it, they are asked to enter the details here. Parliament & Politics

*Party Membership

On, he joined the EVIL Party after thinking about joining the Yorkshire Socialist Party since he's a resident of Yorkshire. Noting however, that the YSP had become the British Social-Imperialist Party and that Thande wasn't around at the time which would have encouraged him to team up with the good fellow, he joined the EVIL Party instead as it was the most natural choice after all, offering platforms close to his heart such as Booze, Porn and Byzantium.

*Leader of the EVIL Party

During one of the usual Russia/Islam vs everything else debates in the Chat section, there was a heated disagreement between Midgard and Ian, and Midgard decided to leave the board for good. It was not known at the time if he would return (he did), but given that other people have done the same in the past and subsequently returned, it was perhaps sensible to leave open the chance that he might. Endorsed by Midgard as the new EVIL party leader, Sargon took up the mantle and continued the efforts of it on his behalf.

*AH.Com Parliamentary Elections 2007

Following Midgard's departure, Sargon continued the campaign aided by other members and led the EVIL Party to victory in the elections and effectively became their Presidential Candidate thus ending up as Acting President of


Midgard left despite the fact he won the Presidency vote. So, Sargon, as the new leader of the EVIL Party, took the position of Acting President. Sargon ran for the Presidency to get the full role of the position in the upcoming '08 elections. Sargon's Presidency has been notable with the Sargon Doctrine, increased wiki activity, increased legislation in Parliament and the lowing annoyingness of n00bs.

Midgard later returned to the Boards, and thus assumed the Presidency. Theoretically, Sargon should have been Vice President, but due to Midgard's hands-off approach, it seems Midgard was happy enough for him to continue as Acting President in his name at that time. In the 2008 elections, Sargon was elected the third President of by a overwhelming margin of 60% of cast votes. After an eventful year Sargon chose not to run for a further term as President due to Real Life health issues, and instead went into semi-retirement for a while.

Positions held in Politics:

EVIL Party Leader

Acting President

Vice President


Member of the Landsraad

Member of the cabinet as Minister of Byzantine Affairs

Protector of Antarctica

Augustus of Mars

Emperor-Consort of the Imperial Republic of

Works on

Sargon has a major timeline to his name entitled The Roman Emperor Who Lost His Nose, based upon a saner Justinian II who was a Byzantine/Roman emperor in the latter part of the 7th Century. According to Byzantine expert Midgard, it is one of the best current Byzantine related TLs on the board. Although on hiatus for some time, he has continued work on it and states that it will be continued far into the future. It recently won a Turtledove Award in the 2008 Polls for the Mediaeval Category as well as a Superlative Turtledove for Best Overall Timeline.

He is currently working on a story entitled Be Careful What you Wish for... in the ASB forum. This one has also won a Turtledove in the 2008 Awards in the category for Alien Contact as well as the Superlative Award for best ASB Timeline.

Being a fan of both Stargate and Star Wars, Sargon decided to write a crossover of the two genres. Although there have been a fair few such crossovers, there have hardly been any where the Asgard have directly confronted the Empire. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to do so he wrote Star Thors: A Stargate/Star Wars Crossover. The premise of the story is the Stargate universe's technological superiority versus the Empire's numbers and industrial capacity.

Fascinated by the early drafts for Star Wars, Sargon also has in progress a story where the Emperor Palpatine is not the big bad guy we are used to and a few other twists abound titled Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine of the Whills. Interested readers may find it unconventional, especially with Rebels going around doing Darth Vadery type stuff.

Sargon has also developed TLs in conjunction with other members of the site, both in the “Defunct Empire...It's Back!” genre. In one, co-developed with American Emperor, Bokassa's son makes in back into power in The Central African Empire - It's Back!. With Susano, they have worked on their own interpretations borrowing from each other about the Pope going rather odd and declaring Otto von Habsburg Emperor once more in The Holy Roman Empire! It's Back!. Both TLs are not meant to be taken too seriously and are somewhat fun scenarios thrown together for the heck of it, although Sargon spent hours going through loads of French documents to make the Bokassa one. Sargon is also responsible for trying to resurrect the House of Braganza in The Brazilian Empire - It's Back!, but a TL is yet to be written since the Crown Prince refuses to be interviewed thus far.

He has also another work on extended hiatus entitled Galactic Challenger, a future history set just a few years from now and involving a certain entrepreneur and adventurer…

Continuing his interest in Byzantium he has been working on an piece of work entitled The Changeling: Byzantium 1203 which follows something odd happening to Isaac II. It is actually a crossover involving a certain all-powerful character who has run into problems affecting his abilities that may be familiar to some.

An avid watcher of Babylon 5, he has long be rumoured to have a desire to write a fanfic based upon it. He has gone a step further however and is also penning a work called Babylon 5: Fleet of the Mentor - An Alternate Universe Crossover. Although it has gathered a lot of interest, he has kept his readers guessing as to the nature of just exactly what it is crossed with. This has had the effect of generating all sorts of useful future crossover ideas in the process.

Under pressure from Sai to do something useful his latest work is A Big Stink Caused by a Fragrant Harbour (A Hong Kong to Europe ISOT), a reluctant work in progress for which he faces trouble if he slacks off it too much.

Sargon is rumoured to have plenty of other writing ideas he'd like to do, but he better bloody well finish those he's already doing first if he doesn't want a mass riot on his hands.

Appearances in Member Fiction

Sargon has appeared in Thande's There Will Always Be An England which has recently been rebooted as The Lady of Anachrony as Aaron Strong, one of the Directors of the Honourable East India Company, who serves to bankroll the protagonists' plans and efforts in the future part of the timeline.

Has been offered a couple of parts in Chris's works in the past when replying with help to questions posted by him in the Chat section, but has so far not appeared, which is just as well, as most cameos end badly in those stories.

Also has a promised cameo in Midgard's Byzantium story Nikaia that is currently on hiatus.

Has a role as himself being Acting President of in Fenwick's Civil War.

Appears in Demosthenes' story based upon the TV series Lost, which is unsurprisingly called Lost

Appears as a Fourth Doctor lookalike called Aaron in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

Appears as Doctor Aaron Strong of Cambridge, a Professor researching obscure and dangerous applications of magic in Caesar's A Great Change: A Return of Magic.

Eccentricities & Board Culture

Insists on writing 'Korea' as 'Corea' since it suits his Old World 19th Century persona. Uses Wade-Giles transliteration system for Chinese instead of Pinyin for similar reasons. Faultlessly polite at times, he often uses 'old chap' as an affectation when talking with other board members.

Other catchphrases include “Good grief”, “Daleks kick arse” and “That's bollocks*.”. (*used only when in a bad mood)

Is known during heated debates to intervene and try to calm things down or bring some levity to things. This has become known as deploying The Serenity of Sargon.

His partner Sai and himself are the Grand Empress and Grand Emperor Consort of in Board culture. As a bit of fun and part of their general appreciation of the hard work board members engage in, they sometimes award the Sargon and Sai Imperial Seal of Approval for works on the board they come across that they feel are very good and noteworthy.

Founded and is the Proprietor of the Cinema and organises Movie Nights in association with it and Ofaloaf. He has a channel called Sargon's Theatre where his movie nights are shown every week on Sundays.

Also set up Acacia Avenue for people to relax in a genteel environment. Watch out for the twitchy curtains though.

Realising that has so many bright, and lets face it, eccentric minds, he decided to create the Invention Shed as a means for the board's boffins to come up with incredible ideas for spiffing inventions. Some of the ones people have created, amazingly, aren't too crazy either.

Is the Builder and Manager of the Bunker, a place he set up for people to take refuge in from flamewars occurring on the rest of the Board. The place is so vast that members get lost inside and are not seen until they stumble out many months later in some cases.

Given that so many people have problems they want to talk about on Sargon thought it wise (but given this is, an idea that could drive one to insanity) that the Board have a thread for these personal issues, and became the forum's official Agony Uncle. Rumours that he had to seek counselling after dealing with the bizarre problems of the forum membership proved to be false when he said that repeatedly head-butting a concrete step sorted him out.

Inspired by MrP's GAHing about things, he also set up the GAH! Central Thread where people could let off steam about GAHworthy issues.

Since he likes good music, he kicked off the Music Joint. and is the drummer, Animal-like, in the House Band.

Feeling that really needed a thread about British TV so that people would be reminded when Doctor Who and Top gear were on (amongst other things), he created the hugely successful Official British TV Thread. Even now it quite possibly eats up more bandwidth than the entire BBC International News Website.

In his capacity as a Battleship Brother, also set up a competition for the warship geeks of the forums to design or produce the best artwork of imaginary vessels. The competition has been ongoing for ages, and at this rate isn't expected to end until the Sun burns out.

During the UK Mock Elections for the 2010 General Election, was returned as the's MP for AH.comcestershire. He stood for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Favourite Weapons

Massive long range plasma cannons mounted in triple or quadruple turrets, Daleks modified for loyal personal use, nanite viral drones, Bren LMG/Thompson SMG, highly deadly vinyl LPs thrown Oddjob/Shaun of the Dead style.

Other Names

Sargon had the handle of Sanshobo on the Old Board before he became Sargon. This handle was named after the warrior priest appearing in Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo comic book series set in Tokugawa Japan.

Also known as Grand Master of the Stronghold because of his forums.

Sourcebook Stats

Class: Byzantophile/Whovian/Warshiphile

Alignment: Tries to be as neutral as possible during debates

Skill Bonuses and Penalties: Byzantophile + 4 vs Persians; +2 Scheming Diplomacy; -2 vs Ottoman Turks, Sheffielder; +4 Friendliness, -2 vs Local Councils, Asiaphile: +5 knowledge in Asia debates, Apolitical: +5 vs all RL politicians, +3 Calm vs heated debates, EVIL Party Leader: +3 vs other parties, Insane: + 5 vs usurpers/sane opponents; -2 vs stability, Depression: - 3 vs Heated Forum debates

Special abilities: Imperial Naval & Air Armada: May summon huge air fleets of Byzantine & Ottoman Zeppelins plus naval fleets of Battleships and escorts 1x/Week, Dalek Power: May summon Cult of Skaro as personal servants effective against practically anything else 1x/Day, Midgard Rising: May summon ghosts of departed forum members 1x/Month


His avatar is said by those close to him to be a fairly close depiction:

In Fiction

Whilst briefly appearing in The Movie, Sargon did not appear in The Series for a very long time. Some thought this was odd, but in the meantime, after a thread about battleships in the Chat section, Sargon was agreed upon to be the board's Grand Admiral and procurer of naval vessels for, though whether this would be transferable to the series was open to debate. Thus when asked about appearances in The Series, he laments that he is the so far unmentioned Grand Admiral of the Fleet in that regard. However, he has since made a brief appearance as an Elvis/Fourth Doctor-alike in THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

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