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All territorial claims on this massive frozen southern continent have been suspended according to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. Generally speaking the place is populated by some scientists from various countries as well as being home to many penguins, which being the sinister creatures they are, are enough to scare off any large companies that dream of digging up the place. The Treaty is up for renewal soon, and so various countries are scrambling to bolster their claims and influence in the area (and if the treaty falls through Australia will find itself in cotrol of the majority of the continent… after all the kiwis don't have the force to protect their own islands let alone their Antarctic claim). It is thought that there will be a fair amount of controversy at the next meeting as countries try to justify why they should have a slice of the pie.

Here is a map illustrating the current claims of the nations involved:

Annexation by

In order to ease the worries of all the countries squabbling over the area, and seeing as it is a disputed area of the world, and thus of course fair game for, Acting President Sargon considered taking over the place in the name of the Board. Having already provisionally and informally added it to the Official Map of on the 3rd of February 2008, it was officially announced as annexed by Presidential Declaration on the 24th of February 2008 as an Protectorate. Sargon himself is the Protector of the region, with Doctor What as the Chief Scientist established at the ever-so-secret and hush-hush base at Neu-Brunoland which is quite possibly so secret even the good Doctor might not be able to find it. The Acting President ordered the commencement of Operation Lowcrouch to establish a garrison in the new territory, and elements from across all branches of the forces have arrived to secure the area with Byzantine and Ottoman Zeppelins landing Marines. Sargon's personal elite division of the armed forces called the Sheffield Sabres has also established a presence there.

Cable TV showing Doctor Who and a refectory serving hot drinks and food have been prioritised for construction. Movie Nights are expected to be shown there too.

The Protectorate was never formally ended when the Politics RP was ended, and thus in Board culture it survives with all positions intact.

Here is a map of Antarctica following annexation as seen from Ian the Admin's orbital control platform. Perceptive readers will observe that nothing is marked on it, not even Neu-Brunoland because everything is too secret:

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