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This place has a rather chequered history, and is the cause of much heated debate, particularly between the French and Germans. Some of it's history has been very unfortunate indeed, and the inhabitants can be forgiven for thinking they are some sort of ping-pong ball between the two countries. Following the end of the Great war in 1918, they managed 11 days of independence as the self-proclaimed Independent Republic of Alsace-Lorraine before France decided to spoil the party and set up shop there for the umpteenth time. Things are a bit calmer these days, but you just never know what might happen.

The phrase 'blue line of the Vosges' is often used to describe the spectacular beauty of the mountain range there. It is also a loaded political term for some.

A map of the modern region can be found just below.

And here is a map of the Imperial German Reichsland as it was in 1871:

Annexation by

As part of the Sargon Doctrine, the territory was considered for annexation in a thread about the subject. It ended up being the Forgotten Territory however, until something was brought up in yet another thread about Cyprus and it was remembered as a disputed territory, and thus a legitimate candidate for annexation according to Acting President Sargon's policy.

As a consequence, on the 25th of February 2008, the territory was formally annexed after a declaration by the President to that effect. Susano was granted the leadership of the region under the direct authority of the President, originally as Governor, as Sargon had intended it to be a normal territory. However, Susano was so eager to move into his new palace in Strasbourg having rapidly packed a case for the event, he immediately proclaimed his team of Ministers and his own title without waiting for Sargon to assign them, as is the custom. Still, he can be forgiven for this, as such dedication is to be admired, and the President is always looking for people eager to do these jobs. The Imperial Vicariate of Alsace-Lorraine subsequently became the newest Presidential Territory, and with a good team in place looks set to become a successful region of the Imperial Republic of

It is however hoped this is not a front for a German takeover of the region seeing as the entire point of annexations is to deny the place to any of the countries who are bickering over it and give it the benefits of enlightened domin- er…administration. The President will fire the government if this is found to be the case, and appoint a new one from Australians.

This place is so bloody awkward that a satellite map can't currently be found for it, so if anyone can find a decent one, please post it here.

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