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Dan1988 is an American member hailing from Rhode Island, who joined in February 2007. Known for being a Francophone, and having a slightly disturbing attraction to French news babes.


Co-wrote a timeline about Mexico with Dean the Young, which was spawned out of the Alternate Headlines thread.

Shared Worlds

He has also been a participant in the SW project “New Interactive Nations Game”, where he played as the Commonwealth of New England.

He has also participated in other nation sims, both in SW and the ASB forum, and always picks either New England or Atlantic Canada as his nation. Well, actually not, since he currently plays France and Argentina, respectively, in the two current Nation Games…

He tends to concentrate on actual world-building, which is in contrast to the way many people play nation sims, especially in NING(not that this a bad thing.) Notably his nation the Commonwealth of New England in the original NING managed to buck the trend of Nations Games becoming an 'expand fest' by barely expanding throughout the entire game

DelawareWerewolf considers him to be a friend, and they have collaborated throughout NING,and have a plan in the works to collaborate on a project in the “Future Newspaper Headines” thread in the Future History forum.

Claims to Fame

Dan is also known for adding random acute accents to words, occasionally in the place where they would be in the words' French equivalents, more often just anywhere he can fit them.

He is the world expert on the road transport systems of every country in the world, and possibly other timelines as well. Checking Google Earth or the AA is superfluous when you can just ask Dan which is the quickest route between Chiswick and Harare. He would be very popular in British pubs if he ever went over there (taking, of course, the B1254 via South Kensington and then switching to the A9285 for Junction 38A and the Wolverhampton-Solihull Bypass).

Dan is the President and CEO of Mass Media in the Protectorate of Cyprus. It's a Presidential requirement for his TV stations to show Doctor Who and Blackadder amongst other shows in multiple languages across the territory.

Potential candidate for the post of captain_literal, due to his endearing lack of any form of sense of humour. He has recently attempted to balance this by posting obscure references with a :rolleyes: smiley at the end to show he doesn't think much of it. Presumably. All in all, rather worrying.

He is also, apparently, unaware that you can quote more than one post at a time. Currently holds the record for most consecutive posts, at 182.

Is currently working on two new TLs - “Kuando el Rey Nimrod”, about a British Argentina and its aftermath (with Part I complete), and an as-yet un-named TL that will be shown soon.

Also is a member of Ofaloaf's production team for Ofaloaf Broadcasting as well as Sargon's production team for Sargon's theatre on Movie Nights.

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