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Landgrave of Tasmania; Tudun of the Crimea (by order of Sargon) and holder of the Flocculent Cross for Conspicuous Nipponoscepticism.

One of the numerous Australians who infests the board. A student at UTAS, abandoned engineering, finished a science degree (physics major) and now doing honours via the antactic studies mob. His political views are a rather strange mixture, while in some ares (notably the environment) he could be passed off as a whining left-winger, in other areas (notably military expenditure) he is somewhat right-wing. On the issue of republicanism in Australia, Cockroach openly makes his fanatical monarchist tendencies known. Formerly a Mosaic Earth addict, but has since kicked that habit. He (very ocasionally) operates a blog named Roach Infestation Other quirks include a strange desire to invade New Zealand and other things that may eventually result in the formation of the Pax Australis. Cockroach does not currently follow any of the religions (although if given the chance he may one day found a cult based around an animal which is neither witless [see Sheepism] or disloyal [see Goatism]… he will let the forum know more when he's worked out the details of Equianism/Horsism) but is rather keen on the mass sacrifcice of n00bs.

In real life his interests include fencing (epee mainly) and horse riding (which has result in Flocc nicknaming him Ashley). Flocculencio has surmised from this combination that Cockroach is training to be a cuirassier.


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Appearances in Fiction

Cockroach has had the fortune of avoiding any mention in the The series, except in the episode SYMPATHY DAY.

He has however ended up as rather short-lived chracters in When Clio Dances by JC Denton/Anung/Adam/(whatever else he's calling himself this week) and in Aozhouhuaren's Welcome to 2038.

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