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Canis Lupus

Formerly EvolvedLupine, DelawareWerewolf and DelawareConfederate.

Board member who joined in August 2007.

Canis Lupus is from Delaware, an area that many denizens vehemently believe doesn't exist; Canis Lupus himself is now beginning to doubt whether the state in which he resides does exist.

He is 18, a Republican politically, and has interests that include Alternate History, Cooking, “The War of the Worlds”, Gardening, Werewolves and weather/meteorology.

In November 2007 Delaware Confederate changed his name to DelawareWerewolf, to better reflect his personality, and his interest in Wolves, Werewolves, and Threanthropy.

He was a participant in 2 Shared Worlds games, one of which, “New Interactive Nations Game,” was immensely popular.

He is also a Confederate sympathiser, and believes that both the Confederate Battle Flag and the Confederate uniform are both more aesthetically pleasing than their Union counterparts.

On the board, some still refer to him as “DC,” but most have switched over to “DW” now (although the situation is confused further by his temporary name “EvolvedLupine” (from analogy with EvolvedSaurian)). There is also a joke between VulcanTrekkie45 and him, about the ongoing war between vampires and werewolves.

Canis Lupus (as he is now known) is currently Strategos of Martian Tripod Forces on Mars.

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