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A member from America who joined in 2006. Noted for having a rather unusual posting style, which includes illustrating his motivations with asterisks (e.g. “When did that happen?” *is curious*). Generally takes pro-Turkish view on relevant questions. Nemesis of The Mists of Time (although Ian claims that he can't tell the two of them apart). Claims to be capable of figuring out someone's ancestry in detail by looking at them.

Eventually banned in August 2011, when he took his jerkass and vitriolic behaviour a bit too far, by basically defending a murder by a lynch mob.

In Culture

According to an older running joke, Keenir was actually MrP posting while tired and amnesiac (tired-P has a similar posting style to Keenir). He's also the Deputy Protector of the Protectorate of Cyprus tasked amongst other things with finding cool and wild people to come to parties organised in that territory.

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