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2011 Turtledove Awards Winners

The 2011 Turtledove Awards were held in January, with nominations being entered since December 2010.

I. General Alternate History Timelines

A.) POD Before 1900

Awarded timelines with points of divergence before 1900 AD.

Best New Prehistoric (up to 3500 BC) Timeline
No winner.

Best Continuing Prehistoric (up to 3500 BC) Timeline
Lands of Red and Gold by Jared - award plaque

Best New Ancient (3500 BC-450 AD) Timeline
Remnants of Rome by Zuvarq (then known as Xwarq) - award plaque

Best Continuing Ancient (3500 BC-450 AD) Timeline
Land of Turkey and Deer by 9 Fanged Hummingbird (then known as Hresvelgr) - award plaque

Best New Medieval (450-1399 AD) Timeline
The King of Light will Appear by subversivepancakes - award plaque

Best Continuing Medieval (450-1399 AD) Timeline
The Raptor of Spain by MNP - award plaque

Best New Renaissance & Reformation (1400-1699 AD) Timeline
The Navatlacas: Heirs to Hernan and Montezuma by Cuahtemoc (then known as Ringo Starr) - award plaque

Best Continuing Renaissance & Reformation (1400-1699 AD) Timeline
The Realm of the Mountain by Maverick - award plaque

Best New 18th Century (1700-1799 AD) Timeline
Dominion of Southern America by Glen - award plaque

Best Continuing 18th Century (1700-1799 AD) Timeline
Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império" by Lusitania - award plaque

Best New 19th Century Timeline
The Union Forever : A TL by MacGregor - award plaque

Best Continuing 19th Century Timeline
Fight and Be Right by EdT - award plaque

B.) POD After 1900 AD

Awarded timelines with points of divergence after 1900 AD.

Best New Early 20th Century Timeline
The People's Flag: A History of the Union of Britain, 1925-2010 by Meadow - award plaque

Best Continuing Early 20th Century Timeline
A Shift In Priorities by rast - award plaque

Best New World War II Timeline
Anglo-American - Nazi War by CalBear - award plaque

Best Continuing World War II Timeline
Viva Balbo by Geekhis Khan - award plaque

Best New Cold War Timeline
Protect and Survive by Macragge1 - award plaque

Best Continuing Cold War Timeline
A World of Laughter, A World of Tears by statichaos - award plaque

C.) Modern & Future History

Best New Modern/Future Timeline
2012: The Sharpest Contrast - Right vs. Left by bawlexus91 - award plaque

Best Continuing Modern/Future Timeline
No winner.

II. Timelines Based on Published Fiction

Best New Published Fiction Timeline
Worldwar: Out of Balance by DJC - award plaque

Best Continuing Published Fiction Timeline
Little Green Men - A Star Trek Alternate History by robertp6165 - award plaque

III. ASB Timelines

Awarded timelines with Alien Space Bats points of divergence.

Best New Geographic/Evolutionary Timeline
Green Antarctica by DValdron - award plaque

Best Continuing Geographic/Evolutionary Timeline
No winner.

Best New Alien Contact Timeline
A History On The Extraterrestrial Empires Of Earth by eddyking77 - award plaque

Best Continuing Alien Contact Timeline
Swarm on the Somme by BlackWave - award plaque

Best New ISOT/Other ASB Timeline
Damsels and Dirigibles by Color-Copycat - award plaque

Best Continuing ISOT/Other ASB Timeline
The Fox of the Outer Rim by Comrade Tovarich (then known as OKH_1946) - award plaque

IV. Writer's Forum/Stories

Best New Comedy/Satire Work
The Day The Earth Fell by BlackWave - award plaque

Best Continuing Comedy/Satire Work
The Call of Squirrelthullu by robertp6165 - award plaque

Best New Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction Work
Rejection Letters by Doctor What - award plaque

Best Continuing Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction Work
No Man's Land: Tales from the Weird Wars Fenrir Angerboda - award plaque

Best New Historical Fiction
Iceland: Canada's 11th province or How I Learned To Love Hakarl by Coyote Knight (then known as Canadian Federation) - award plaque

Best Continuing Historical Fiction
The Soviet Invasion of Iran, 1981 by MacCaulay - award plaque

Best New FanFic
The Farthest Ones From Home : A Battlestar Galactica and Space Above and Beyond Crossover Story by robertp6165 - award plaque

Best Continuing FanFic
A Kill In the Morning by Shimbo - award plaque

Best New Series
Great Interstellar War Mini-Comic by BlackWave et al - award plaque

Best Continuing Series The Creepy Teen Years by NothingNow et al - award plaque

V. Shared Worlds/Collaborative Timelines

Best New Collaborative Timeline
Peace In Our Time: Collaborative Timeline by randomideaguy et al - award plaque

Best Continuing Collaborative Timeline
Medieval America Co-op Project by Jord839 et al - award plaque

Best New Game
American Administration Redux by Blue Max et al et al - award plaque

Best Continuing Game
No winner.

Best New DBWI/FBWI Project
No winner.

Best Continuing DBWI/FBWI Project
No winner.

VI. Artwork

VII. Superlative Awards

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