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Poster who refused to self-create his/her own profile page. Tends to post news stories and give them unusual or seemingly outrageous titles to attract people to these threads. Was formerly known as MNPundit, but on July 21, 2010 changed his name to MNP. Is sometimes confused with MrP and MKN despite having the letters MNP in his original name. MNP's ongoing timelines are The Raptor of Spain which won the 2010 Turtledove Award for Best New Medieval Timeline and 2011 Turtledove Award for Best Continuing Medieval Timeline. He started a second timeline, The Gospel According to Katy but this never advanced beyond an initial update. He is known for the number of footnotes to explain, justify or inform readers about particular developments in his TLs.

MNP has done some research in regards to medieval Iberia, which he considers his amateur historical niche.

Has become a contributor to the AH.Com Newspaper relaunch, designing the masthead used in each issue and has contributed an editorial on world-building. As of Issue 21, MNP was named Associate Editor of the AH.Com Newspaper. However despite his efforts (or perhaps because of them) the newspaper went on hiatus. He has supported sporadic attempts at revival.

Somewhat unusually among members in general, he is married. internal political stances

In light of several changes and controversies that have arisen on, the following is a list of MNP's positions of these actions for easy reference.

  • Generally in map color schemes MNP supports colors that are similar to those used by The Creative Assembly's Total War franchise.
  • MNP supports the board policy on civility.
  • MNP supports board policy on bronies but has never watched MLP.
  • MNP opposes the banning of polls in chat on the grounds that he wants to know what his fellow AH.commers think of things at a glance.
  • MNP opposes the movement of the Hall of Infamy thread and the crackdown to keep it on topic because he believes that the off-topic banter is what makes the HoI thread so good.
  • MNP opposes the banning of news/shock threads in Chat on the grounds that he likes to see people pile on condemning obviously objectionable actions and that allowing news/shock posts exposed him to wealth of interesting news stories that would otherwise be missed.


The Raptor of Spain
What if the Abd ar-Rahman, the founder of the Emirate of Cordoba, ended up as a Christian Monarch?

A long-running timeline detailing very different consequences for European politics, technological development, Christian-Muslim relations, and even the New World. A revised version has also been written to bring the early parts of the narrative into a more realistic, consistent style that matches the current style of the timeline. Switched to a dedicated update schedule on September 25, 2009. Currently updates to the Raptor of Spain are uploaded every Monday.

Notably, the TL occasionally references itself in its footnotes to illustrate how a particular idea or technology evolved.

The Raptor of Spain

The Raptor of Spain (Revised)

The timeline also has an expanding wiki entry. Currently the wiki focuses on the Alternate Spain detailing its government, culture and economy along with religious and demographic maps. Smaller sections on an Alternate France, Islamic Caliphate and Persia are also part of the wiki.

The Raptor of Spain Wiki

The Gospel According to Katy
What if Katy Perry remained a Christian music artist?

A fluffy timeline that examines a slightly different upbringing to the goofy pop-star resulting in her remaining a goofy Christian/Contemporary singer. This TL had initial interest but never got off the ground. With the divorce of Katy Perry and Russel Brand, MNP is thinking about this idea again.

The Gospel According to Katy

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