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A British member of the board, EdT joined in 2005 and was initially most famous for his remarkable maps, made using an unprecedented grasp of the arcane intricacies of Photoshop.

And then he became one of the best writers on the board. Seriously, Ed's a real treasure of a writer.

Not to be confused with EdM.


A Shot Heard Around the World - An earlier timeline, parts of which Ed published in his early years on the New Board.

A Greater Britain - Featuring a world where Oswald Mosley remains in the Labour Party and eventually becomes Prime Minister.

Fight and Be Right - A world where Lord Randolph Churchill is far more successful, with far-reaching results…

The Caesariad - Revolves around an alternate Roman Civil War.

The Bloody Man - Ed's latest timeline. Examines an English Civil War without Oliver Cromwell.

Alternative Prime Ministers - A series of short vignettes examining alternative British Prime Ministers.

Ed's timelines are noted for his habit of having some rather unbelievable turns of events followed by a quiet footnote reading “All this is OTL up to now”. This also leads to him unearthing remarkable bits of trivia (who knew the Kaiser liked Gilbert and Sullivan ?) and covering areas largely forgotten in OTL.

His timelines look at reappraising these historical figures in a different light and pointing out how much we think we 'know' about them is composed either of myths or based on events that could easily have gone differently.

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