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An Ecuadorian member, formerly known as “Drago” and “Sa'id Mohammed”.

He joined in June 2009 as Sa'id Mohammed, which isn't really very long ago considering how old the Alternate History discussion board has been around. He quickly built a reputation as the board's Resident Sick Fuck, and eventually formed the Fucked Up Trio with two other members in 2010. Some of his hobbies include creating really awesome timelines out of obscure PODs, one-line statements and adding smileys to the end of said one-liners.



  • “X will grow larger” (with “X” usually being China, Islam, or the country currently discussed in the thread in question)
  • “Blanda upp!”

Posts (as of 28th Oct., 2010)

# Total Posts: 2,425 # Posts Per Day: 4.92

Genesis of Turtledove-Winning Works

Cuāuhtemōc inspired and urged the creation of and spurred the development of the Turtledove-winning work President Obama Possessed By Colonel H. Stinkmeaner.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, the eponymous character of Cuahtemoc is a master artist and occasional voluntary guard of The Guild of Vexillologists and Iconographers, as well as a crew member of the Guild mothership Texture.

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