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Dominion of Southern America

Written by Glen.

An extensive timeline about a very different colonial history of North America (the “Southern America” of the title actually corresponds to the rough area of the southern half of the OTL USA). Besides this, the TL also focuses on the rest of the world in quite hefty detail.

Though some patterns similar to OTL repeat, many of the countries created since the PoD of the TL are only vaguely recognizable or a far cry from what we associate them with in OTL.

Premise and POD

In 1766, Josiah Martin becomes Governor of Quebec instead of Guy Carleton. Carleton becomes Governor of North Carolina in 1771. From there, the changes to the course of North American and later world history slowly pile up.

The master thread of the TL can be found here. The original thread with discussion can be read here. A thread chronicling the fate of the timeline's characters can be found here.

Dominion of Southern America also includes a lot of cameos by various members, which Glen was eager to encourage.


A review of the TL can be found here, on the Alternate History Weekly Update blog.


The timeline has won two Turtledove Awards:

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