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General Alternate History Topics

This is a page for introducing newbies to various general alternate history conventions and to some notable examples of the genre (most of them published). It also serves as : 1.) A primer on how to start writing your own AH scenarios (also referred to as timelines - abbrev. “TLs”). 2.) A crossroad leading to the other major sections of the Wiki, which discuss alternate history concepts in a more in-depth and advanced manner. Head over there once you've mastered the basics. Among these more advanced sections, you'll also find lots of useful links to external resources, which may help a lot with creating your TL.

Countries and nations frequently appearing in alternate histories

Notable published AH works

Including their authors and most notable characters.

The 163x (Ring of Fire) series (Eric Flint and co.)

1984 (George Orwell) - Not fully proper AH, but has influences on the genre.

The Draka series (S. M. Stirling)

For Want Of A Nail (Robert Sobel)

Guns of the South (Harry Turtledove)

GURPS Alternate Earths & GURPS Infinite Worlds (Steve Jackson Games)

The Island in the Sea of Time (Nantucket) series (S. M. Stirling)

The Worldwar series, featuring The Race (Harry Turtledove)

The Southern Victory (TL-191) series (Harry Turtledove)

Useful tips and tricks for writing AH

Frequent problematic concepts while writing AH

Collected Lore Podcast (hear us talk about various aspects and clichés of alternate history)'s AH Writing Slang and Acronyms (the commonest terms and acronyms we use while discussing and writing alternate history works)

Alternate History Media (artworks from alternate worlds created or found by the board members)

Longest Threads (a list of the longest or most long-running threads in the discussion board)

Timeline Classification Project (exactly what it says)

Types of What If (types of ideas for alternate history scenarios)

The Upcoming AH Books List (what's new in the genre of literary alternate history)

Alternate History Book Club (discussions on specific alternate history works by members of the board)

Turtledove Awards (the Oscars, awarded annually in January and February)

Livy Awards (non-popularly picked)

"Getting started on the forums" basic tips (quick Q&A + etiquette tips)

How to use the search function (on the forums and on the wiki)

Be sure to visit the following sections:

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