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Australian member of the board. Formerly known as Kaiser Wilhelm III.


Jared is the author of the probably longest (and in other ways excellent, too) TL Decades of Darkness, and a newer, equally sweeping TL, Lands of Red and Gold.

For a full list of Jared's works, visit the following page :

The Incomplete Works of Jared

In culture

Jared was once notorious for never finishing any project he started. Despite having been a member of since early in 2004, and posting to soc.history.what-if for several years before that, he had never, ever finished a timeline or AH story until relatively recently.

However, in the past few years, this former “writing curse” has been extensively remedied with the wrapping up of Decades of Darkness. Since late 2008, he has been making steady progress with his new timeline about the birth of native Australian agriculture and how it changes the world, Lands of Red and Gold. Many AH.commers are currently in agreement that “LORAG” is Jared's real magnum opus and is already even surpassing the scope, ambition and quality of DOD.

In Fiction

A character based on Jared played the role of a librarian in the Great Library of the Kitjedi Knights from Wars. As a reference to Jared's well-regarded timeline, he drops a deliberately out-of-character quip about “writing his acclaimed, hyper-detailed AH masterpiece, Decades of Darkness”.

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