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subversivepancakes is a pretty friendly guy. He likes long walks on the beach and chocolate pudding.


Here are some things he has started to write but will probably never finish:

a.) Timelines

Empire of the Dawn: Chinese Colony in America, 17th Century - Kind of self-explanatory?

The King of Light Will Appear (明王出世) - Manicheans topple the Yuan Dynasty! More fun than it sounds.

All About My Brother: A Taiping Rebellion Timeline, discussion thread - Balkanized China, Russian dissolution, Japanese Alaska, Anarcho-Nihilism, and a band of Swedish Zoroastrian pacifist utopians led by Philosopher-King Alfred Nobel colonize Svalbard.

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), discussion thread - A group of Daoist sages team up to save the Ming Dynasty! They rap, too.

革命不是请客吃饭: A Different Cultural Revolution - This timeline is what happens when you think you have a good idea and then realize that you actually don't.

第五个现代化: The Tiananmen Square Incident - This timeline is what happens when you know you don't have a good idea but feel like writing something anyway.

Great Chaos Under Heaven - The Eight Trigrams Rebellion gets messy, or rather, it would have gotten messy had subversivepanda written more than one post.

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire - In the distant future, eminent robotic historian Gibbon 2.0 tells the story of America's collapse.

b.) Stories

Northern Lights - Episode 40 of Hendryk's Tales of the Superpower Empire.

They Fight Crime! - A globe-trotting Jewish senator and a tempestuous snake charmer join forces to stop the alien invasion.

The Spies of Lhasa - This was a good idea, but the execution wasn't quite there.

c.) ASB Stuff

A Modest Proposal - Everyone takes Jonathan Swift seriously; lots of babies get eaten. Also includes recipes.

WW2=WWE - World War II as a professional wrestling match? Glorious Comrade Wrestler Stalin is not amused.

Occidentalism: A Tale of Colonization in Reverse - “In Congolese Belgium, the grim machinery of colonial imperialism churned out waffles and death in equal measure.”

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