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Anahuatlacanco : The Land Between the Waters, Land of the Nahuatlaca

An early modern central American TL written by Cuāuhtemōc. You can read it here.


It represents a third and now final incarnation of Cuāuhtemōc's two previous attempts at such a TL:

Cortesia - Created along with John Fredrick Parker, Cuāuhtemōc acted mainly as a supervisor.

The Navatlacas : Heirs to Hernan and Montezuma - After John abandoned his project, Cuāuhtemōc restarted the idea in this newer timeline. Later on, he decided the TL wasn't going completely the way he wanted it to and eventually opted to do this final remake.

Both of these two are now discontinued and replaced by this newer TL. We're leaving them here just for reference and safe-keeping.


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