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Little Green Men - A Star Trek Alternate History

LITTLE GREEN MEN, by robertp6165, is a timeline set in the Star Trek universe and based on an episode of the series, Deep Space Nine. In the episode “Little Green Men,” Quark, the Ferengi tavernkeeper on Space Station Deep Space Nine, along with his brother Rom, and his nephew, Nog, travel to Earth in the year 2372, taking Nog to attend classes at Starfleet Academy. Quark, however, had ulterior motives for making the trip…namely to smuggle a highly illegal substance to the Orion Syndicate. Odo, the Changeling Security Chief of Deep Space Nine, suspecting that Quark was up to some nefarious scheme, secretly stowed away aboard Quark's ship. However, the ship itself had been given to him by his cousin, Gala, in repayment of an old debt he owed Quark, and had been sabotaged by Gala, who was none too fond of Quark. Rom figured out a way to escape from the deadly predicament caused by Gala's sabotage, but in the process, the ship and its occupants were thrown back in time to the year 1947, where it crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico. The ship was found by the U.S. Army and taken to the local military base, where Quark, Rom, and Nog were questioned by very suspicious American military men and scientists. They were about to be taken to Washington for more intensive questioning when Odo revealed himself and with his help, the three captured Ferengi managed to escape. The U.S. military put out the story that no alien ship had crashed, and it was all just a weather balloon. And thus the “Roswell Incident” was born.

In the ATL, Quark suspects that Odo might be hiding aboard his ship and performs a phaser sweep to force him to revert to his original form. He then ejects Odo from his ship. Odo is thus not there to help them escape, and the three Ferengi are taken to Washington, where they are forced to help the Americans reverse-engineer the captured Ferengi technology. Thus very large butterflies are released which begin having major impacts on history.

Sound interesting? You can read it here.

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