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Damsels and Dirigibles

Written by Color-Copycat, this timeline is designed to bring hot chicks and airships together in an interwar (1918-1939) setting. Along with gas masks, ridiculously conspicuous uniforms, and sabers, Damsels and Dirigibles intends to create a unique aesthetic style that is chock full of fanciful anachronisms and all around pulpy fun. Although this timeline has a rather dull POD (the Hague Convention of 1899), the plentiful (albeit amateur) illustrations and harrowing tales should nullify any historical boredom you happen to come upon. Original illustrations, whether they be sketches or fake newspaper clippings, periodically accompany updates, and naturally they heavily feature the titular damsels and dirigibles.

This timeline is still in progress and can be found here. This timeline is Color-Copycat's first ever work of fiction, so feedback and input is very welcome. Feel free to comment on both the amateur art and even more amateur writing as you see fit.

Long story short: An interwar timeline where the League of Nations develops an international peacekeeping fleet of war zeppelins with a female to male crew ratio of 5 to 1. The primary focus is on events occurring in China, Russia, and the Palestinian Mandate, where the League is heavily involved in conflicts between local belligerents, foreign mercenaries, and everything in between.

This timeline is also the recipient of two 2011 Turtledove awards, one for Best New ISOT/Other and one for Best Photo.

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