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False Dmitri

An American board member from Illinois, formerly known as “Benkarnell” (this is more or less his real name, i.e. Ben Karnell).


Along with Marc Pasquin, he contributed greatly to the growth of the Ill Bethisad worldbuilding project before both of them joined Some of his many contributions to IB include the alternate sport Whummlin (a kind of hybrid of curling and chunkey) and the socio-economic concept of aeolification.

On, he spends much of his time posting flags, roundels, and coats of arms, despite not being a terribly skilled graphic artist.

His one (unfinished) timeline is called Ethelred the Pious, based on the idea of a Viking England. It was first developed on the infamous AH Fandom Wiki (ex-wikia), where it continues to find a home to this day.

A long-term leisure project of his is the North American timeline Affiliated States of Boreoamerica.

An admin on the Alternate History Fandom Wiki (ex-wikia).

Shared Worlds projects

He was a member of Map Continuation III before it gradually died.

A few years ago, he made up his mind to leave, but was enticed to stay, in turn, by the Rising Empires nations game and the beginnings of a career in politics. He left the former when he found he could not keep up with the pace of the game (which had, by the time he left, already led to the beginning of the era called in-game the “Decline of Genoa”).

In 2012, he participated in the Turtledove Award winning map game Countries of An Alternate World 2*. politics

He had become interested in politics in the run-up to the Alsace-Lorraine Vicariate Estates Election, 2009, briefly joining the Boring Bureaucrats Party. However, he joined the Escutcheonist Party soon thereafter, being named one of its two Members of Parliament for 2009. Known as a “moderate” in Parliament, he resigned from this position as well, during the early stages of the implosion of the political system, though he remained a member of the ESP and a citizen of Lesser Latvia and Lesser Lithuania until both were shut down by Ian. Unfettered from these two time bandits, Benkarnell's activity level has dropped off considerably, but he has not left for good, as he had once planned to do.


Here (mostly conlang stuff).

In Fiction

In Enterprise, the eponymous character of False Dmitri is a master artist and Doctor of Vexillology of The Guild of Vexillologists and Iconographers, as well as a crew member of the Guild mothership Texture.

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