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American board member, with a knack for creepy dreams and similarly creepy stories. But he also writes nice and fun stuff, so there is lots to choose from.


Green Antarctica : The Last Continent - An excellent, yet also pretty disturbing ASB timeline, with a habitable continent of Antarctica and a local human civilization that evolves there over time…

Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of Thule - Another native timeline, co-written with DirtyCommie. In 2012, it won a Turtledove Award.

The Moontrap Timeline - An ASB timeline where the history of astronautics, planetary research and colonisation is based more closely on the depictions in various popular (but outdated) hard science fiction works.

Doctor Who: The Lost Doctor - Peter Cushing and the Blue Box - A Doctor Who production alternate timeline.

Nelvana's Doctor Who - A Doctor Who production alternate timeline.

Minor, older works:

Bear Cavalry, Roc Warriors and Cecil D. Vinci

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