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Vignettes are short stories, generally with only one post. They very quickly became favoured with the The_Politibrits and many more people joined in. EdT had actually written four vignettes beforehand, but for some reason these did not start mass bandwagonning as the fifth did. Politibrit-authored Vignettes tend to build up to a final reveal (usually concerning the identity of an ATL Prime Minister) but from the outset, writers played with the nascent conventions of the genre, and in most examples the Guess-the-PM format plays second fiddle to more atmospheric and detailed worldbuilding.

List of Vignettes

Title Author Date of creation
England's Rose EdT March 10th 2013
Share or Shaft EdT March 11th 2013
An English Heaven EdT October 5th 2014
We're Alright V-J December 7th 2014
Triumph of Kasper Elyan kasumigenx December 26th 2014
Lions Lead Themselves Comisario December 27th 2014
Better One King EdT March 29th 2015
Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar V-J April 11th 2015
Flesh of my Flesh EdT June 6th 2015
The Lambeth Walk Comisario June 11th 2015
Something In The Air Comisario June 13th 2015
There Are No Brakes On The Banter Train Mumby June 14th 2015
After The Funeral Daltonia June 14th 2015
It's a Wild World Techdread June 14th 2015
The Fear of God Meadow June 14th 2015
Careless Talk Costs Lives The Red June 14th 2015
The First Debate ThandeJune 15th 2015
Paint It Black Lord Roem June 15th 2015
The Little Sparrow iainbhx June 15th 2015
A Lost Boy Hrvatskiwi June 15th 2015
Though Peace Be Made Comisario June 15th 2015
The Longest Yes DocU June 15th 2015
Red is the color of Blood Geico June 15th 2015
The Night Kind of Thinking Blackadder mk 2 June 15th 2015
Accident Is Fate Misnamed Mumby June 16th 2015
Fear God! Fear Naught! Uhura's Mazda June 16th 2015
Cross of St. George Alex Richards June 16th 2015
You Can Try Spookyscaryskeletons June 16th 2015
A Life more Northern Lindseyman June 16th 2015
The Big Man of Downing Street Heavy June 16th 2015
The Coldest Year in Memory Sulemain June 16th 2015
An Unexpected Choice Kellineil June 17th 2015
The Surprise Choice RepMR June 17th 2015
Her Own Family Agent Boot June 17th 2015
An Honourable Man GeordieJune 18th 2015
The Slow Tube Lord RoemJune 18th 2015
Socialism with British Characteristics OwenMJune 18th 2015
The Beautiful Game DizcorpJune 18th 2015
"I only hope what pleases me will also pleasure you" The RedJune 18th 2015
The Klan Grandpa dissentcontinuesJune 19th 2015
A Price to Pay? AndyCJune 19th 2015
Vignette Collection: Worlds At War JaphyJune 19th 2015
Est-ce Que Tu Te Souviens, Papa?azander12June 27th 2015
Private Agenda (Harry Potter)Look More Closely LaterJuly 9th 2015
When the Man in Black Comes ArounddissentcontinuesJuly 10th 2015
The End of an Era DrakonFinJuly 10th 2015
Flight 1414jimmygreen2002July 11th 2015
Not In My Back YardMumbyJuly 15th 2015
MonstrousLook More Closely LaterJuly 17th 2015
It's Election Night, JimstodgeJuly 21st 2015
Diadem (Harry Potter)Look More Closely LaterJuly 28th 2015
It Never EndsMumbyJuly 30th 2015
If Anything Can go Wrong.....Chris OakleyJuly 30th 2015
The Queen's First MinisterMakemakeanJuly 30th 2015
The Commodore's RevengeMumbyAugust 7th 2015
The Sunderland Counting CentreIainbhxAugust 7th 2015
The Same ManMumbyAugust 15th 2015
The UnknownDrakonFinAugust 18th 2015
The Big VillageEd CostelloAugust 23rd 2015
The Official Herefordshire Local Election 2015 ThreadAlex RichardsAugust 26th 2015
Where the Enemy AwaitsBlackadder mk 2August 26th 2015
The Best That Anybody Could DoAgent BootAugust 26th 2015
Selling OutUhura's MazdaAugust 27th 2015
A Benn But.....KingCrawaSeptember 2nd 2015
Malevolent (Harry Potter) Look More Closely LaterSeptember 8th 2015
The Galton-Ivanov ComplexMumbySeptember 8th 2015
Black on the Doorstep (Harry Potter)Look More Closely LaterSeptember 9th 2015
Great Emancipator, Great ExilerdissentcontinuesSeptember 12th 2015
Did They Get What They Deserved? A Corbyn VignetteDaveBSeptember 12th 2015
A Silly Little BusinessLord RoemSeptember 24th 2015
All That RemainsMumbySeptember 24th 2015
Come Back!MeadowSeptember 25th 2015
At any PriceMumbySeptember 26th 2015
It's all over but the cryingspookyscaryskeletonsSeptember 30th 2015
Prez We CanIngsocSeptember 30th 2015
IceboundDrakonFinOctober 3rd 2015
Swing Low, Sweet GrasshopperTom ColtonOctober 7th 2015
Petrograd ThawJaphyOctober 7th 2015
The SettlerDrakonFinOctober 8th 2015
The West Stanton By-ElectionAres96October 9th 2015
The Mirror of the PastLord RoemOctober 12th 2015
A Load of MalarkeyMumbyOctober 15th 2015
To Be, Or Not To BeDAvOctober 20th 2015
Full ChargeAgent BootOctober 24th 2015
Dial "D" for DeputyAlfieJOctober 25th 2015
Rotten-Oak GeorgeJaphyOctober 25th 2015
A Very Special Interview (HIST-310)TyrannusZeroOctober 26th 2015
The Longest, Hardest RoadThandeOctober 26th 2015
My Meetings With the Panther and the Seven Headed CobradissentcontinuesOctober 30th 2015
Talking FrankMeadowOctober 30th 2015
Not Entirely the 9 O'Clock NewsThe ProfessorOctober 30th 2015
This Is Where We StandMumbyOctober 30th 2015
You Have A ChoicewilcoxcharOctober 30th 2015
Infernum a MorteBlackWaveOctober 31st 2015
In it together V-JNovember 1st 2015
BearfishHaggis (posted by Japhy)November 2nd 2015
The Flag Waves Red Over UszeppelinairNovember 2nd 2015
The Wolf In Sheep's ClothingMumbyNovember 5th 2015
Never Forget Your WarsSpanishSpyNovember 8th 2015
Marching Through The Wrong GeorgiaSpanishSpyNovember 8th 2015
In spite of all terror CevolianNovember 14th 2015
In place of Strife DaltoniaNovember 15th 2015
Britain needs an Iron LadyCevolianNovember 18th 2015
Down to the WireGonzoNovember 20th 2015
La Guerra que Nunca FueGoldsteinNovember 24th 2015
Goodbye Norma JeaneIanBertramNovember 25th 2015
London's BurningForconNovember 25th 2015
Ki Anu Ameichaazander12December 2nd 2015
Into the FireMumbyDecember 3rd 2015
The Last DebateJaphyDecember 5th 2015
the Devil's LuckAbhakhaziaDecember 10th 2015
An AwakeningAnywhereButOTLDecember 25th 2015
Lord Voldemort's Daughter(Harry Potter)Look More Closely LaterDecember 29th 2015
Broken PromisesForconDecember 30th 2015
An Extrasolar Electoral MapUhura's MazdaDecember 31st 2015
With your best interests in mindCevolianJanuary 11th 2016
Actually a Lord (Harry Potter)Look More Closely LaterJanuary 19th 2016
The RoutSulemainJanuary 19th 2016
Continental DefenseJaphyJanuary 23rd 2016
Fashion FalloutUhura's MazdaJanuary 26th 2016
So Fades The glory - The Third World WarForconJanuary 27th 2016
Flight of the CouroniansUhura's MazdaFebruary 3rd 2016
Queen's MoveKingCrawaFebruary 3rd 2016
Let Me Make This Absolutely ClearGeordieFebruary 28th 2016
A New JerusalemCevolianMarch 19th 2016
King of the Who?GeordieDecember 22nd 2016

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