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Alabamian Celtophile, Africanophile and devotee of Whahaeism. Born on a hilltop somewhere in North America. Haggis has been known to wear a kilt and post pictures of said combination. Do not ask for pictures. I cannot stress this enough.

Though if you wish to view them they can be easily found in the How Do You Look II thread.

His first real thread on the board was about him breaking his chair. As such he is now known in some circles as 'El Campion Brayquer de Chairos.'

He recently started yet another board religion when he mentioned 'Emma Watson getting fucked by a Giant Bee.' For more on this strange, strange phenomenon see Giant Beeism

He is the driving force behind the ideals of WHA HAE. Politics

He is an MP and a member of the EVIL Party plus is currently's Minister of Good Taste.

The Works of Haggis

His works tend to take the form of overly complex timelines like:

Vincent Votes


Or the form of stories that only The Bald Imposter and occasionally EvolvedSaurian find interesting.

Currently he is writing Over and Under.

Interests and Things of Great Importance

As noted above Haggis is a noted Africanophile even collaborating with The Bald Imposter and Midgard on two of their timelines, both of which were never really finished. He also tries to use isiZulu at least three times a day.

Haggis seems hell-bent on repeatedly posting pictures of himself half naked, which is terrifying.


Haggis is one of the few metalheads to inhabit the board. Along with YLi and Midgard.

However the three seem to be at odds about what really constitutes metal music, with Haggis insisting that Johnny Cash is the most metal man to have existed since Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Yixin does concur that Johnny Cash is indeed highly metal though.

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