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Chris Oakley

A member best known for his patronage of the 'Photos from Other Worlds' thread, although he also contributes to the Discussion forums. For instance, he is active in the “alternate/future newspaper headlines and/or quotes” threads, typically attaching the arrow symbol to his posts.

Not to be confused with either Chris or Chris N.


Though with relatively few timelines on, Chris has published some timelines and AH stories at both the now-defunct and the still running Changing the Times site.

The Second Black Plague: Anatomy of a Doomsday Pandemic - As the rather morbid title suggests, this is a timeline about the outbreak of a global plague pandemic in the 20th century. The divergence occurs in 1964. (The link above leads to the version published on Changing the Times.)

Nuestra Patria : The Chilean-Argentinisn Border War (1978-1980) - A newer, South America-centered Cold War era timeline. Started in 2013 and posted on


In what's been generally agreed upon as one of the most avoidable bans in the site's entire history, Chris Oakley was banned by CalBear in late August 2016, for flying off the handle and volleying extreme insults in a discussion about... sports. Yes, you read correctly, sports. We never knew before that Chris could get this passionate about his favourite and disliked sports teams. When he eventually did, the results weren't pretty.

Unlike with most bans, many were genuinely saddened by this one, as Chris Oakley had been a veteran member and contributed quite a bit to the online AH community on his own already years ago. This and this post aptly sum up the disappointment of fellow members with Chris' inexplicable behaviour. Chris, we'll all miss you, but you really should have stepped back and thought again before behaving like you did.

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