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One of our British members who often debates political issues, in which he espouses liberal-conservative views.

Particularly noted for (as Basileus Giorgios noted) being able to explain David Cameron's “Big Society” philosophy better in one post than Cameron has in seven years, and also making Gordon Brown a somewhat sympathetic character.

Also known for his mastery of spreadsheets, for more of which see the running gags section of The Politibrits article.


The Fourth Lectern - Best known so far for this timeline, which posits the idea of a 2010 UK general election in which (due to some earlier shenanigans) UKIP get to participate in the election debates. Given that one of the main viewpoint characters in the aforementioned timeline was Andy Coulson, some of us had suspicions about his identity. However, the fact that he has continued posting suggests that these fears are unfounded, unless they have broadband in the Old Bailey. The timeline was published in 2015 by Sea Lion Press.

The Fifth Lectern (a.k.a. Maybe the Horse Will Learn to Sing) - The sequel to The Fourth Lectern. Received a Turtledove Award in 2014, for "Best New Modern Timeline". The timeline was published in 2015 by Sea Lion Press.

The Endeavour Series - A science fiction story series he's been writing lately. Planned to encompass three volumes, it currently consists of two - The End, and Afterwards and Diamond in the Dark (the latter in progress). Received a Turtledove Award in 2016, for "Best Future History Timeline". The first volume of the series was published in 2015 by Sea Lion Press.

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