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A former poster who had been involved in the greater AH community for a decade, having joined in 2004 as the user ftb95, he continued for years in sucessor groups like alternia and different worlds as ftb, Steve and eventually Japhy. He joined in Febuary 2007, though it was several years before he became active.

He holds a BA degree in American History, with two even more useless minors. And took a whole lot of classes on East Asian and African History. He even took a pair of Canadian History classes at SUNY Plattsburgh for a year, which is of course the premier school to study Canada at in the United States. As a result he has primarily worked as a wise janitor and a butcher since graduation.

Japhy is the Dear Leader, as so anointed by the Eternal Leader Haggis of the Haggesian Crusade, an effort to promote non-Atlanticist AH, with projects focused on events outside of Europe and North America.

Japhy, traditionally someone to abandon ever project he ever started, has completed two TLIADs “Bombard the Headquarters” about Late Maoist China and “The Crapgames of New York” where a dead horse was beaten and Mayors of New York would go out of order. Neither was completed anywhere close to a day. Bombard The Headquarters(!) was eventually published in the second run of titles by Sea Lion Press in the fall of 2015.

In addition he has written multiple Vignettes ranging from electoral successes for the Know-Nothings in 1856 to Jimmy Stewart nuking the Japanese Navy in a Reverse Pearl Harbor.

He was banned in 2018.

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