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One of The Politibrits, Iain's chief claims to fame are his involvement in local Birmingham politics as a Lib Dem, and his timeline Were You Still Up For Balls? The latter is something of a rarity on the forum, as it's a timeline which is basically a wish-fulfilment-wank for the Liberal Democrats in the 2010 British election, yet is so well written and deeply researched that everyone enjoys it, even the forum Labourites whose party is getting devastated in the timeline.

More recently he has written the hugely successful ASB timeline Arose from out the Azure Main, in which the Britain of 1980 is ISOT'd back to 1730 (warning: contains Margaret Thatcher). Noted for its highly detailed portrayal of how the government responds to the crisis and a more realistic take on the problems associated with it than the usual national-wank.

Oh Doctor Beeching - UK railway TLIAW.

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