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Tom Colton

TL writer and one of the Politibrits, primarily known for the Weber's Germany - The Veterinarian Totalitarian timeline, which will probably follow him to his grave despite his efforts to diversify his output to TLIADs and Infoboxes. Also infamous for letting far-too-ambitious projects die out.

Weberverse works

Title of work Thread links Synopsis Notes
Weber's Germany: The Veterinarian Totalitarian Thread Hitler is killed in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, and an otherwise obscure Nazi, the veterinarian Friedrich Weber distorts Mein Kampf and takes a more measured tone to rearmament and expansionism, leading to greater and more permanent German success in the next World War. Ongoing since 2014 with frequent hiatuses, this remains his most famous (and most infamous) work, primarily for the massive inferred fallout in every chapter and the sheer creepiness of the Weber regime and its insidiousness. 2015 Turtledove Award recipient.
The Canadian Queen of England Post Edward VIII meets a relative of the Kennedies instead of Wallis Simpson, and winds up holding on to his throne till his death. The first Weberverse spinoff work, briefly exploring an alternate Royal Family.
An Outline of the Asia-Pacific War Index The war in the East, detailing a tougher fight in the opening stages leading to a more drawn-out conflict. An aborted attempt at telling the parallel story of the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War.
Swing Low, Sweet Grasshopper Thread William J. Blazcowicz and Agent One are deployed to Schloss Wolfsburg to disrupt the Weberreich's armour production, and B.J.'s brought some interesting reading material. An exploration of what AH fiction looks like inside the Weberverse, with Himmler instead ascending to the Nazi throne in the in-universe Night of the Swastika, and a healthy dash of Wolfenstein as well. GET PSYCHED

Other works

Title of work Thread links Synopsis Notes
The History of Arturius Aurelianus Definitive, 1, 2 If King Arthur was based on a true story, what would that story look like? After two short drafts, the definitive version of this TL was posted at a rate of practically one update a day in December 2016, and reflects the final rendition available on
Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark Thread It's murders, mistaken identities and rigged duels galore in Dark Ages Denmark! A wikibox TLIAD based on Hamlet.
The Land of the King is Lost to the Habiru Thread A TL set in Egypt, inspired by the Biblical Book of Exodus. Ongoing, started in April 2017.


Index of infoboxes here.

Subjects include:

  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert and its sequels
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire and Gladiator
  • Ivanhoe
  • Titus Andronicus
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