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Board member from the Philippines. A rather prolific medieval and early modern timeline writer, though he is known to drop his timelines because of boredom and lack of ideas. He also likes to experiment royal marriages in order to create empires and he is a big fan of Korean Dramas.

About him

He is good in creating short timelines but bad in very long timelines and tends to rely on Wikipedia and he hates writing battles themselves, he just explains the outcome on his timelines and his favorite timelines are likes the Timelines of the kiat, Raptor of Spain and the Pale Horse TL.

His Asian TLs are based on the histographies of Brunei and China. A good example is Terraces and Pagodas.

He also dabbles in flag making from time to time and he is also interested in conlanging and alternate orthographies.

He once created a Migration Age TL that was adopted by Baconheimer.

He is a known anti imperialist..

He is a Luzon Nationalist.


a.) Finished Works
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