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Blackadder mk 2

Blackadder mk 2 is a young (Thande still has trouble believing this) British member known for his right-wing Conservative political views and participating in the various political debate threads. He has attempted several political timelines and recently completed one,“A Great Third Way” and “The Ultimate Question” where the phrase “third time's the charm” is very true and is currently working on “With Nowhere Else To Turn” an alternate Thatcherism TL. He is also planning two other TLs with the only hints being that Alec Douglas Home and Edward Carson “seize the day” in their respective TLs.

Started the Official PMQ's and Other British Politics Thread, which took off at an immense pace on the 131st page due to a debate on the perceived image of Conservatives, where the Politibrits got their name from.


Has survived many missions by not actually doing anything and failed to save Roem from a month long injury. He has only managed to gain a kill after getting Power Armour (probably from V-J's blood-soaked corpse).

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