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British member from Northern Ireland who has an interest in American, British and Northern Irish politics. Is firmly on the right of the political spectrum and holds deeply conservative views on social (especially on abortion - on which he is vocally pro-life - he is however open to gay marriage and does not oppose it in principal) and cultural issues while holding somewhat moderate to populist views on economic issues and libertarian views on law and order. As a result the term 'Burkean Conservative' 'High Tory' or 'Paleoconservative' are interchangeable. Is a political Unionist in Northern Irish terms and opposes Irish Republican Unity. Despite being a supporter of the conservative Northern Irish Ulster Unionist Party (UUP); Gonzo has a dislike of the UK Conservative Party and its former leader David Cameron, whom he considers to be a Blairite liberal in conservative clothing; as a result he yearns for the day the Tory Party is annihilated and a 'true conservative party' will rise. Expresses support and admiration for British journalist/columnist Peter Hitchens and his views. Despite this he is a supporter of America's Democratic Party, and supported Jim Webb's campaign for the 2016 Presidential nomination. He considers himself a conservative Blue Dog DINO - though he will, if pushed support a Republican candidate over a liberal Democrat. Is also a partaker in various shared worlds stuff like the Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes and Balkanized Political Parliamentary America and various election and politics games.

Timelines and other works

  • Eastland Rises Over Westland: An aborted TL concerning the rise of noted segregationist James Eastland (D-MS) to the Presidency; while the USA gradually declined into chaos.
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