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Long-standing Finnish member of the board, joined in October 2007. A prolific and talented writer.

Contrary to popular belief, he's NOT a fan of the Draka series by S. M. Stirling. That would be stirlingdraka or some other board member.

Unsurprisingly, DrakonFin has an interest in Finnish AH scenarios.


The Land of Sad Songs - A a Finnish spinoff of Protect and Survive. DrakonFin undertook the daunting task of writing this detailed and atmospheric 1980s timeline in the winter of 2011, and finished it some three years later, in 2014. Though the timeline never won any official awards, it was regularly nominated for them, and is considered one of the best spinoff timelines set in in's shared Protect and Survive Universe.

DrakonFin's previous attempt at a Finnish WWII era TL, The Lords of the North, remains unfinished.

Drakon's Lair is a thread he started, to which he contributes various AH short stories or other shorter AH narratives.

After the completion of his Finnish P&S spinoff, DrakonFin has been mostly concentrating on writing shorter fiction, from time to time. Some of the stories not featured in the Drakon's Lair anthology thread are the following:

StarReach stories

Science fiction stories in the author's StarReach setting.

Birdy - A StarReach Short Story

The Drive - A StarReach Tale

The Impact of Heritage

AH short stories

Generally vignette-style alternate history stories, often focused on offering glimpses into ATL Finlands.

1908: A Story of War

Power to the People - Dispatches From Finland and Soviet Russia, 1929

The Regulars: A Cold War Story

The White Admiral

The Settler


The Ghosts of Sveaborg

When the Spring Comes


Midsummer Lights


The Fire

The Survivor

The Northern Front

The End of An Era

Steel and Rust

Three Jacks and a Khrushchev

All We Got - A short story submitted to the regular/irregular short story writing contest organised by Sea Lion Press, for the “European Union”-themed round of the contest (Autumn 2016).

Other fiction and works

The Reign of the Star-Boys - A Christmas Tale - A story in a mysterious setting (not spoiling the details).

Standalone - A science fiction story. (See also this story-related artwork.)

Time Patrol X Redux


The Publicist



Liaison (short story)

The Unknown - Vignette-style ASB alternate history stories.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, an eponymous analogue of DrakonFin is one of the secondary characters of the main cast, acting as the field engineer or occassional commanding officer of MES-1 Allohistory's away teams. In addition to being a tech wiz, he's an expert sniper.

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