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Agent Boot

A British poster based in Birmingham, UK. Agent Boot is an aspiring Politibrit whose timelines and works to date have been based in British political history. At some point they intend to move into wider themes. Lurker since 2007/8. Registered under this user name since April 2014. The name “Agent Boot” is a tribute to the superb AH thriller that is “Agent Lavender” (Meadow & Lord Roem), referencing another Lavender-style conspiracy theory about a different Labour Party leader.

Agent Boot has been involved in real world politics; to a varying degree and with mixed results.

Works by Agent Boot

  • The Quiet Death of Liberal England (2014): A TLIAD and Agent Boot's debut timeline. Minor differences to the 1979 UK General Election result lead to a different Labour leadership election, no SDP split, and a squeezing of the Liberals. Butterflies explode and “hipster PMs” abound. Two bonus ending vignettes were added in June 2015 rather presaging the Great Vignette Bandwagon of that month.
  • The Loud Blast That Tears The Skies (2015): The febrile state of British Politics in the early 1900s - with Irish Nationalism, Womens' Suffrage, and Trades Unionism all breathing down the neck of the political establishment - is rather rudely interrupted when a Tunguska-bound bolide gets slightly lost. A mixture of TLIAD-style Prime Minister portraits, in-universe interviews and vignettes. Very much ongoing.
  • Her Own Family (2015): Jumping on the alt-PM vignette bandwagon with a take on a very different “Spirit of '45”.
  • Divided Kingdom (2015): A pre-1900 “bit of fun” NOT ABOUT BRITISH POLITICS! Well, maybe a bit. Begins with a different invasion of 1066. Things fall apart soon after.
  • Freedom's Rampart - The Russian Invasion of New Zealand - A late 19th century invasion of New Zealand by Tsarist Russia, after a diplomatic incident involving a Russian warship in a New Zealand harbour. Also published by Sea Lion Press.

Future Works by Agent Boot

Timelines that are all at various stages of research, development, or draft hiatus, but which may feature on the site in the very near future.

  • “The Last Post”: Featuring an alternative UK 2010 General Election result, an alternative coalition, and a certain former postman. To be written in classic “history scrapbook” style. Five chapters exist published elsewhere on the internet, but very much warrant revision.
  • “Anthony and Roy - A Tale of Two Rivals”: Two PODs in the 1960s set up two very different political careers on different ends of the political spectrum. A short timeline to be written in time-jumping vignette style.
  • “Waiting at the Church”: Probably due 2017 (to be completed in 2035). A mammoth project. Agent Boot is currently buying up second hand books about 1970s politics in preparation.

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