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Swedish-American member who has frequented between living in London and Sweden since joining the board. Known for his liberal (in his own eclectic definition of the term, not the American one) political views. Occasionally a participant in political chat discussions. It has been established as common knowledge that, along with Lord Roem, he is a member of the Society Of People Whose Political Beliefs Are The Opposite Of Their Physical Appearance–he resembles a young Michael Foot.

A keen student of Swedish 18th century history, he is eager to compare virtually everything to one thing or another that took place in the struggles between the Hats and the Caps in Sweden's unreformed Riksdag of the Four Estates. For years, has been working on a Swedish Strangerverse timeline that he insists he will start publishing “next year”, and has been insisting on this for the past three years.

His username is derived from the dwarf planet Makemake, named after a Polynesian deity, and is therefore pronounced “Macky-macky-an”, not “Make-make-an”.

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