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Uhura's Mazda was a British member who grew up in New Zealand and Italy, so his accent is interesting to say the least. He was unconscionably proud of his username, which took him over 7 hours to think up, and is a triple pun referring to Zoroastrianism, Star Trek and cars (only two of which actually interests him). He mainly frequented Chat, but had forayed from time to time into actual AH writing when he feels the obligation to do what he signed up to do. He was banned in 2018.


  • Excerpts from Michael Psellos' 'Chronographia' - a reasonably fun little Byzantine thing, exploring the 11th century under a surviving Paphlagonian dynasty. This is only retrospectively a TLIAW, since his chosen format pulled him up within a week.
  • To Hell With Hatton - a much more fun account of a Socialist Revolution in 90s Liverpool, which lasted well over a fortnight because Mazda is no good at deadlines.


  • Fear God! Fear Naught! - a well-received entry in the Guess-the-Prime-Minister-Vignette craze of June 2015.
  • Selling Out - involves prostitution and fascism in 21st century Britain.
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