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James G

Formerly known as jimmygreen2002.

Board member who joined in December 2012.

He is a prolific writer of World War Three timelines, with daily updates to his TLs.


Lions Will Fight Bears – Britain in World War Three, Spring 1988 - His first TL is this alternate 1980s Cold War story. In 2016, it won a Turtledove Award for "Best Writer's Forum Story".

The Maskirovka series contains three interlinked stories. Nationale Volksarmee shows a 1990 World War Three exclusively from the East German military perspective covering the first period of the fighting. For Queen And Country depicts the same conflict and time period from the POV of British military characters. Fight To The Finish covers the rest of the war from a wider perspective of many nationalities.

His fifth World War Three story: Going West crashed and died. His sixth, SPETSNAZ, was successfully finished in an end of the world style fashion with nukes going off everywhere around the globe.

James G was writing his Red Dawn story, Soviet Domination, but after a dispute, deleted that and most of his work as he departed the board.

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