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AlfieJ is a British poster and long term Politibrit from the meme-worthy county of Herefordshire, renowned for his shocking youth, an ability to bare a resemblance to any possible celebrity or historical figure, a seeming inability to post a thread which isn’t somehow derailed after just a few posts, and actually having a real, long term, living, breathing, girlfriend.

Alfie’s chief interests both on the board and IRL are mainly history, democratic socialism, bread, cheese and cider.


Though Alfie has lamented that he has thus far yet to write a “truly great” piece of AH, he has written numerous TLs of varying success, predominantly based around British politics. Some of his most successful include:

The Great Opportunity – Alfie’s first serious stab at a TL and the first one he ever finished. Postulating a very different 21st century for British politics, in which John Smith had died and Gordon Brown had risen to the treasury four years earlier than OTL.

In the Doorway of History – Alfie’s only American TL so far, based around the consequences of George Wallace cementing his political influence long after the 1968 Presidential Election by causing a hung college and creating a much stronger foundation for a second run for the White House in 1972. Currently dormant, but may well be revived in the near future.

From the Darkest Moment – A joint TLIAD with Techdread detailing the aftermath of a successful IRA assassination attempt against John Major in 1991, which sees not only the destruction of No.10, but the almost complete wipe-out of the cabinet, leading the Tory government to take very, very, drastic measures.

A Long Time in Politics – Arguably Alfie’s most recognized and successful work (earning him a Turtledove Award), Long Time acts as a satirical play on the politibrit social group, imagining a no-doubt dystopian world in which actual AH posters actually held real, genuine power and influence.


Like many of the politibrits, Alfie is a self-described Democratic Socialist and Neo-Bevanite. He is also a signed up and active member of the Labour Party, whose initial considerations to join prompted perhaps some of the most interesting and absurd definitions of socialism and British politics ever encountered on the site, giving some the subconscious fear that his discussion of real life events unleashes realigining forces beyond his control.

Though initially somewhat of a moderate social democrat upon joining the forum, he has over the years gradually shifted further and further to the left, an affliction he owes mostly due to the corrupting influence of The Red, who has acted both as his chief political guide and influence throughout his time on the site, so much so that the two have predicted that they will one day found their own political party, Scottish People First (with it's very own Herefordshire branch). More recently however, Alfie's feelings of dejection following the surprise result of the 2015 General Election, and his own reading of Post-Marxist Critical Theory, has led Alfie to shift even further to the left, so much so that it is almost cliched. Nevertheless, despite his more left-wing theoretical outlook, Alfie remains a romantic in regards to the economics of Keynesianism, leading him to describe himself as essentially “Zizek in his purest, Herefordian, Buddy Holly-esque form”.


Alfie gets on well with the vast majority of politibrits on the forum, but holds a particularly close friendship with his key political allies on the board, The Red and Meadow. It has also become a running joke that he and theman from the ministery aka, That Bastard Seale, vehemently hate each other and will one day be political rivals in the same vein as Bevan and Gaitskell. Meanwhile, it has been postulated that both Alfie and Lord Roem are effectively becoming the same person.

As well as this, Alfie's somewhat frequent postings on the How Do You Look? thread, it has been said that Alfie's generic hipster appearance has made him strike a resemblance to a countless number of famous people, including David Tennant, J. J. Abrams, Buddy Holly, a young Leon Trotsky AND Joseph Stalin, Johnny Cash and Elvis Costello.

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