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The TLIAD, or TimeLine In A Day, is a particular style of timeline coined by Meadow in early 2013. As the name implies, the original concept was to write an entire short timeline within 24 hours, taking the form of a series of short updates with much of the background left to the reader's imagination.

However, after Meadow's second TLIAD “I Am A Legend” overran into more than one day, the name started to lose its strict definition and became something of an artefact (appropriately, given its British origins). Some have suggested that “TLIAW” (TimeLine In A Week) would be more accurate. It was also at this point that the format became much praised among others of The Politibrits and many people jumped on Meadow's bandwagon to do TLIADs of their own.

The pronunciation remains a matter for debate, with Roem advocating “Tee-ell-iad” (like “Iliad” etc.) while some others prefer “Tliad” as one vaguely Aztec-sounding word.

It is not actually required that a TLIAD be about contemporary British politics, but almost all of them are. One expected characteristic of a TLIAD, even those which go on for longer than a day, is that updates come frequently and throughout the day - readers are encouraged to be vigilant and comment just as often!

See also Vignettes, the TLIAD genre's little brother.

List of TLIADs, TLIAWs, etc.

Given in chronological order of production.

Title Author Year of PoD Synopsis Date of creation
Better Weather, Less Revolutionary Bloodshed, More Indigestions : An Alternate History of the Kingdom of Hawaii Petike 1770s, several PODs James Cook escapes an earlier death, Kamehameha doesn't, and a different French Revolution reshapes British and French competition in empire-building. A “Kingdom of Hawaii” TL done differently. 13 March 2012 (proofread version 23 May 2012)
A Brief History of Nuthekrofívotracu and the Holy Dhaklada Commonwealth Petike ASB, prehistory The Doggerland peninsula survives into historical times. Everything changes… 10 November 2012
Things Can Really Get Worse Meadow 1997 John Major somehow wins the 1997 general election with a tiny majority; ENDS BADLY 8 March 2013, first official TLIAD
Gone the Dream Ticket AlfieJ 1983 Neil Kinnock is killed in a car accident just prior to the 1983 Labour Leadership Election 9 March 2013
England's Rose EdT 1918 Cristabel Pankhurst gets into Parliament in 1918 and eventually becomes Prime Minister in time for WW2 10 March 2013
Share or Shaft EdT 1986 Britain gets a different tanned, mental New Labour Prime Minister… 11 March 2013
Centuries of Shadow Mumby 1772 James Somersett loses his case, becomes a villein, and slavery becomes ubiquitous across a grimdark British Empire 8 April 2013
Call Me Dave AlfieJ The Red 2007 Gordon Brown calls a snap election in 2007 and David Cameron ends up leading a Conservative minority government. Currently on hiatus. 13 May 2013
I Am A Legend Meadow 2008 Boris Johnson loses the 2008 London mayoral election, but goes on to become an all-powerful Prime Minister with dystopic ambitions 12 June 2013
Cain and Unable: A Tragedy Lord Roem 2010 What if David Miliband really was the bitter schemer plotting the downfall of his brother Ed that the media think he is? 17 June 2013
Be Careful What You Wish For Thande 2007 Gordon Brown gets stuck in a lift with Nick Clegg and decides to cancel the 2010 election debates 18 June 2013
For Want Of A Microphone AlfieJ 2010 Gordon Brown doesn't make his 'Bigotgate' gaffe at the 2010 election 18 June 2013
1485: Stanley's Dilemma Geordie 1485 A tale in which all of the action takes place in the lead up to, or during, the Battle of Basworth Field. All told from the perspective of Lord Thomas Stanley. 2 July 2013 First Official TLIAW
Meet The New Boss Meadow 1935 George Lansbury somehow survives as Labour Party leader and leads a hyper-pacifistic government after the 1935 General Election. With Britain defenseless in 1940, it falls to Operation Sea Lion and endures six years of puppet rule under Lloyd George. In 1946, however, it is 'liberated' by the Red Army, and becomes a Soviet satellite state… 9 January 2014
An Accident No More Whanztastic 1976 The first American-focused TLIAD, based on an analogous set of party-reversed Presidents ultimately stemming from Gerald Ford winning the 1976 election. 12 February 2014
The Extraordinary Men of Downing Street Lord Roem N/A An ASB entry influenced by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill’s seminal “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, in which all works of fiction exist in the same universe. Anthony Trollope, Chris Morris and Tintin reference abound. 18 February 2014
A Comical Affair Mumby 1950 or N/A An ASB entry inspired by Roem's “Extraordinary Men”, but instead with all the post-Attlee Prime Ministers consisting of the cast of iconic British children's comic The Beano. 21 February 2014
The Limpid Stream Lord Roem 1917 Vladimir Lenin is assassinated at Finland Station soon after his return from exile in Switzerland. Without his leadership during the July Days, Alexander Kerensky, consolidates the Provisional Government's position and negotiates a ceasefire with the Central Powers. A different, multi-polar Europe results, with a Russian Republic dominated by OTL's Russian émigrés. 7 April 2014
The Quiet Death of Liberal England Agent Boot 1979 The traditional third party fails to break through electorally in the 1980s and British politics remains a strictly two party affair. Broad churches, hipster PMs and butterflies abound. 7 April 2014
From the Ashes Techdread 1940 Lord Halifax become PM in 1940, bungles everything and leads to a Nazi-dominated Britain; at least for a decade or two… 15 April 2014
Fifty Glorious Years Ares96 1941 Sweden gets invaded by the Nazis during the war, and subsequently falls under Soviet domination. A sort of Swedish version of Meet the New Boss. 21 April 2014
From the Darkest Moment AlfieJ & Techdread 1991 John Major is killed in an IRA Mortar Attack in 1991, leading to a very dark era in British politics… 13 June 2014
Shuffling The Deck Lord Roem & Meadow 1942 The premature death of Winston Churchill does not spell disaster for the Allies - indeed, many of the Prime Ministers seem familiar, but, there is something odd about them… 16 June 2014
Clustershag To Ten Downing Street Bolt451 1983 The Alliance win in 1983 and institute electoral reform, leading to a slow maddening fragmentation of British party politics 27 June 2014
Shuffling the Deck USA Thande 1944 Thande's American take on Roem and Meadow's Shuffling the Deck concept, which sparked a whole host of new variations from other writers 20 October 2014
The Deadliest Meatball Ares96 1931 Finland becomes a Soviet puppet state, leading to Sweden going much further in developing its nuclear programme. 25 October 2014
Advance Australia Where? Thunderbolt 1945 An Australian Take on Shuffling The Deck. 16 November 2014
Zonen Meadow 1945 British preoccupation leads to Denmark being brought into the post war occupation of Germany… 17 November 2014
Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw thee? Lord Roem 1999 With John Prescott subsumed by scandal, Mo Mowlam spearheads the establishment of regional assemblies in the North of England. 18 November 2014
In Soviet Russia, Deck Shuffles You Maeglin 1917 A Soviet Russian take on Shuffling The Deck. 19 November 2014
A Red Sun Sulemain WWII didn't occur Cold War-esque thriller, recorded in memoir interview form. 19 November 2014
The Unicorn and the Stag Alex Richards 1575 Arabella Stuart has a brief reign between Elizabeth I and James I 19 November 2014
Damaged Goods are Still Good Nofix 1908 A history of a William Jennings Bryan Presidency. 19 November 2014
Cantando los Cuarenta Dr. Strangelove 1977 Spanish PM Suárez doesn't legalize the Communist Party, resulting in a Spanish Shuffling the Deck situation. 26 November 2014
Bombard the Headquarters! Japhy 1971 Marshal Lin Biao successes in assassinating Mao Zedong and seizing control of Communist China. Chaos follows. 11 December 2014
For Want of A Paragraph Meadow 2008 David Miliband writes an additional paragraph in his Guardian article in the summer of 2008, becoming explicitly critical of Gordon Brown and initiating a leadership challenge. The Labour rulebook, however, makes things difficult. 14 December 2014
La Isla Blanca Lord Roem 1588 The Marquis of Santa Cruz survives his illness, leading the Spanish Armada to capture the Isle of Wight. A curious inversion of Anglo-Spanish history follows. 15 December 2014
Hirneth heb dha weles Kernow Techdread around 2001 Cornwall gets more autonomy within the UK. TL currently on hiatus. 21 December 2014
Into the Frying Pan - A Politibrit Thick Of It Lord Roem N/A A humourous TLIAD involving's Politbrits in the style of The Thick of It. 1 January 2015
The Curse of Maggie Thande 1988 After an earlier end to the Thatcher premiership, the office of Prime Minister is “cursed” and she is followed by a large number of short-term PMs, including some surprising ones. 29 January 2015
The Crapgames of New York Japhy 1928 Mabel Walker Willebrandt decides to launch an investigation into New York Mayor Jimmy Walker to attack Al Smith's Presidential Campaign. The result if a Shuffle the Deck in a very different New York City. 29 March 2015
UK Presidential Election 2015 Meadow & Lord Roem 1992 Princess Diana giggles when the Queen falls over in front of her, resulting in Her Majesty's heart being even more hardened against her. In 1997, the death of Diana leads to a constitutional crisis and outcry against the monarchy, and by 2015, Britain is holding its fifth Presidential Election… 6 April 2015
Partying Like It's 1999 Thande 1999 ASB TLIAF in which Tony Blair is forced to call a general election in 1999, if anyone happens to notice it that is. And there is something wrong with William Hague's eyes… 16 April 2015
A Rigged Deck for A Rigged System Nofix 1797 The various losers and winners in Presidential elections throughout U.S. history see their roles altered. 16 April 2015
Ed Balls Ed Balls & Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Ed Balls Day
L'Ordine Nuovo Comisario 1944 Italy is divided after WW2 into a communist “North Italy” and capitalist “South Italy”. August 7th 2015
The Unreformed Kingdom Thande 1815 The deaths of three prominent figures of the 19th century leads to a world where the Reform Act of 1832 failed. August 15th 2015
La Patrie ou La Mort, Nous Vaincrons azander12 1987 The revolutionary Burkinabe regime of Thomas Sankara lives on. October 4th 2015
TLIAW: David Cronenberg's Spider-Man TehIrishSoap 1989 David Cronenberg decides to direct a comic book film. October 18th 2015
Yo me bajo en Atocha: A Spanish political TLIAD Goldstein 2004 The Atocha bombings (Madrid terrorist attack on trains) were thwarted. November 13th 2015
Walking Back To Happiness Comisario 1960 Harold Wilson never stands for the Labour leadership in 1960, leading to a significantly more radical Britain in the Sixties. November 15th 2015
Memorias de nuestros padres Nanwe 1970 A split inside the PSOE during late-Francoism leads to a different Spanish Transition. November 17th 2015
Walking In My Dreams Comisario 1960 The sequel to Walking Back To Happiness that details Britain's ups and downs throughout the Seventies. December 8th 2015
TLITD: Großbritannien Über Alles shiftygiant 1961 Following Macmillan's resignation from the Premiership, the Magic Circle has him replaced with Reginald Maudling, resulting in a Britain that bears more than a passing resemblance to its German Cousins… December 28th 2015
Britain Needs an Iron Lady - The TLIAD spinoff Cevolian 1970 Heath leaves the economy in a worse state, leading to a Labour split, a Conservative Liberal Coalition, and Thatcher seizing power from David Steel and installing a fascist government in 1980. January 2nd 2016
TLIAW: Not An English Word Thande Ambiguous (1960-2010?) Using ancient Celtic magick, FairTrade bread and some KitKats, Nick Clegg tries to resurrect a great old Liberal leader in an attempt to reverse the disastrous 2015 election result for the Lib Dems. Accidentally, he brings back a figure from his party's past far more magnificent than what he may have hoped for… March 28th 2016
TLIAFD: A Song For Alternate Europe bolt451 1939ish A different World War II leads to a significantly different Europe and more importantly a drastically different Eurovision Song Contest! January 27th 2017
Amerindian Arbalists Petike mid 10th century AD Native Americans invent simple crossbows… Interesting things and subtle divergences ensue. 7th August 2020

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