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Left-leaning Politibrit known for his interest in historical food, having subsided on WWII rations for a while and later experimented with other diets. Started out by trying to write TLs, the largest thus far being A Looser Union, though in his own estimation his best work has been In The Name of The King, MK2, the recent spate of TLIADS, and vignettes have proven to be an excellent whetstone for Bob to sharpen his literary knife. He has written prolifically in the Oneshot Scenarios thread as well.

He also crocheted a black adder for one of the meet-ups in London, something he did at 3am with a spatula while watching Frozen. Which is a clause you were not expecting to read today.

Became (in)famous for the Super Amazing Mumby Adventure, in which he missed his train coming back from a 2015 Birmingham meetup and ended up criss-crossing the United Kingdom for nineteen hours in an attempt to get back to Lincolnshire.

His timelines and other works

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